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Why Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Applications Are Limitless

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For many years now, lithium batteries have been the most trusted high-performance batteries in various industries. Used in smartphones, watches, computers and tablets, lithium iron phosphate (LifePO4) batteries provide benefits that make them a smart choice for everyday use.

Lithium is used in lightweight marine batteries, solar batteries and electric car batteries. But that is just scratching the surface of lithium battery capabilities.

Why Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Applications Are Limitless

  • Weight And Cycling

LifePO4 batteries are between 1/3-1/4 the weight of traditional lead acid batteries, making them a more sensible lightweight solution. They also cycle up to 10,000 times, whereas lead acid batteries cycle only 300-500 times before failing.

These two traits make lithium iron phosphate batteries versatile for a wide array of applications. Small electric vehicles, electric green mowers, scissor lifts and even garbage trucks are utilizing LifePO4 technology.

  • Efficiency And Full Cycle Capacity

Lead acid batteries’ internal resistance requires them to be charged slowly and in stages to keep internal temperatures lower. However, lithium iron phosphate batteries can be charged at a constant current and constant voltage, which allows them to be recharged quickly and put back into service when they’re needed.

LifePO4 may also be discharged 100% and maintain a high voltage level. Conversely, lead acid batteries’ voltage drops more rapidly, and they lose much of their effectiveness somewhere between 75-80% Depth Of Discharge (DOD). For these reasons, LifePO4 batteries are now being used in robotics, home energy storage, hybrid generators and truck APU systems.

  • Operating Temperatures

The performance of lead acid batteries drops dramatically in both high and low temperatures, while lithium iron phosphate batteries operate at or near capacity in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

This single characteristic makes LifePO4 batteries the perfect fit for remote monitoring equipment in both the Arctic and Sub Saharan regions. They are being used in weather monitoring devices, ocean buoys, and oil and gas pipeline equipment in every climate around the world.

  • Energy Density And Flexibility

Lithium iron phosphate batteries offer the best balance of energy density and safety without causing harm to the environment. Their high energy density means lithium iron phosphate batteries can be made into battery packs of any size.

Consequently, LifePO4 batteries are being used in license plate monitoring devices, depth finders, paddle boards and playground equipment.

The opportunities for lithium iron phosphate batteries are limitless. No matter what your application, there is a lithium battery solution for your energy needs. If you require a high-performance battery for your energy storage, LifePO4 is the answer.

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