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Why Do You Need A UPS?

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UPS protects your IT equipment from power supply problems through the following functions: prevent equipment damage caused by surges and power peaks, and can continuously adjust input power to provide clean and stable uninterrupted power; prevent system failures Data loss or damage caused by normal shutdown can also be combined with power management software to conveniently and seamlessly shut down the system; to prevent system paralysis caused by unexpected shutdowns, it can guarantee a running time of several minutes to ten hours, and it can also be connected with generator Combined to achieve longer online running time, provide high availability for the network and other applications.

And Lithtech Energy can provide you with UPS battery solutions. Welcome to contact us to know more about details.

LiFepo4 battery for UPS

TS2000  (48v50Ah)

15S1P Prismatic

Housing:steel case


BMS: 50A BMS,100A Peak

Weight: approx. 25kg


Cycle life: 6000+

Warranty: 7 years

Why Do You Need A UPS?Why Do You Need A UPS?

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