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When using lithium batteries in RVs, pay attention to four safety hazards

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As one of the energy sources of RVs, lithium batteries for RVs provide us with a lot of convenience for going out and play. Generally, RVs can travel for a long time, so the use time of RV lithium batteries becomes very long, which will have a certain impact on lithium batteries for a long time. And safety hazards, so what circumstances will safety hazards occur? The following editor introduces this knowledge for you, and I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

When using lithium batteries in RVs, pay attention to four safety hazards

1. Overheating will cause the lithium battery to explode

The common lithium battery capacity is not very large, and it will directly indicate that it is prohibited to put in the sun or put it in an unventilated place, because the lithium battery will continue to generate heat during the discharge process, especially in the parking lot commonly used in RVs. The car air conditioner needs to convert 12V electricity into 220V. If the duration is too long, it will cause the lithium battery to discharge at a high rate and exceed the normal operating temperature, which will bring hidden dangers.

2. Lithium batteries are more dangerous when accidents occur

Lithium batteries on RVs are generally on the side lockers or above the chassis. Once a car accident or squeeze accident occurs, it will directly cause changes in the internal structure of the lithium battery, causing a short circuit inside it, causing secondary injuries.

3. Internal short circuit, an invisible time bomb

In addition to external shocks that can cause internal conversion of the battery, factors such as overcharge and overdischarge will also make the internal situation of the battery more complicated. “Internal short circuit” is another hidden danger that puts the battery in a dangerous situation.

4. What is “thermal runaway” of lithium battery?

Thermal runaway of a lithium battery refers to the fact that external and internal factors further cause the heat in the battery to accumulate or continue to not dissipate. After reaching the critical point of the battery, a violent explosive reaction will occur.

If you find that the vehicle system is malfunctioning (smoke, scorching, short circuit, fire, etc.) during the use of the RV, you must first move away from the vehicle and then ask for help. , Because once a fire or explosion occurs, the RV is easy to burn up.

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