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What size of lithium battery is suitable for RV?

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1. The difference between electricity for RVs and residential electricity: Residential houses have only pure “distribution” and “electricity”, while RVs are a complete electrical energy system. This electrical energy system is divided into “three sections and seven links”. The three sectors include: power generation, power storage, and power consumption; the seven links include: power generation-power transmission-charging-power storage-inverter-power distribution-power consumption.

2. My RV does not have enough electricity, how can I solve it? Under the background that the development camp of China’s RV industry is relatively lagging behind, we are facing a very problem that is “not enough electricity.” Then, after we understand the “three sections, seven links” of the RV power system, we generally have a direction for the transformation of the RV power system.

What size of lithium battery is suitable for RV?

3. The barrel effect—the balance theory of the RV power system “The barrel * short board determines the volume of water in the entire barrel”. None of the three sections and seven links of the RV power system can be a short board, and any link is short. Will cause waste in other links. The purpose of the transformation of the electric power system of the RV is to eliminate the shortcomings and seek a balance.

4. “Need more? Wooden barrels?” Use “electricity consumption” to reverse “wooden barrels”. So how should the entire electric energy system of our RV match? How much “bucket” is appropriate? The theoretical “bucket” is better, but considering many factors such as cost-effectiveness, overall space utilization, and lightweight RV, this “bucket” should be made moderately and just enough.

5. Learn to use electricity reasonably. Electricity is limited in RVs. In order to pursue a more cost-effective and balanced space utilization ratio, we must learn to use electricity reasonably. The rational use of electricity follows a basic principle: “Power, use electrical appliances frequently, and use alternative energy sources as much as possible.” After all, RVs are not at home. Although RVs can bring us convenience during travel, some of the functions and disadvantages are unavoidable. We can only save electricity as much as possible. There is also a principle of rational use of electricity: “Live within your means” and do not overdraft electricity. Electricity for RVs is relatively limited, so it is very important to save and live within your means! For ordinary lead-acid batteries, two or three overdischarges are enough to completely scrap the battery. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a lithium iron phosphate battery with a relatively good cost performance as much as possible.

6. What are the specific items and contents of the RV power system transformation?

The design of the electric energy system of the finished RV mostly imitates the popularization model of camps in developed countries. Therefore, once they leave the camp, it is difficult for the RV to meet the basic electricity demand. The transformation of the electric power system is particularly important. The transformation of the electric power system is to make rational use of new energy; the second is to make up for shortcomings and break through bottlenecks.

What size of lithium battery is suitable for RV?

RV lithium iron phosphate battery pack is composed of: battery pack, overcharge and overdischarge protection system, monomer balance control system, cabinet, etc. Individual manufacturers have also installed a battery cell maintenance interface for the temperature protection system. Lithium iron phosphate battery packs for RVs have many advantages such as safety, reliability, size, light weight, no overcharge and overdischarge, and long service life. As a new energy source, they have been rapidly popularized in the field of RV electric energy. Perfectly solve the “storage” link of the RV electric energy system.

As a kind of clean energy, solar power panels make reasonable use of the roof space, reduce heat radiation in the car, and continuously convert light energy into electric energy. Although the power generation of “zero storage and integration” type of power generation seems to be inadequate, the continuous accumulation of quantitative accumulation cannot be seen. Especially important for battery maintenance charging! Can effectively extend battery life.

Seven, among the links, the two links are easy to be ignored. The two links are “power transmission” and “distribution”. Factors such as the choice of piezoelectric route and line loss make the transformation of the RV transmission line have a lot of space. Bottlenecks such as switches and relays in the control distribution circuit often exist in many finished RVs. There are still many areas that can be optimized in these two links. The upgrade and transformation should aim at reducing “running leaks”. In addition, the choice of many equipment such as chargers, inverters, and solar controllers is also extremely important. It can also effectively eliminate 

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