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What kind of lithium battery is good for RV?

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As one of the RV energy sources, RV batteries provide us with a lot of convenience when going out and play. Everyone knows that RV batteries can be divided into lead storage and lithium batteries. What is the difference between them? How to choose between lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries for RVs? Then I will introduce this knowledge below.

1. Lead battery

As a traditional electric energy storage equipment, lead-acid batteries are currently more mainstream, especially for RV manufacturers, and their advantages and disadvantages are also obvious:

1) Advantages

Lead-acid batteries are favored by RV companies because of their high safety, low price, and stable battery performance. They have become the first choice of mainstream RV companies and are currently equipped with more batteries in RV companies.

2) Disadvantages

The biggest shortcoming of lead storage battery is its large weight. Taking a 100Ah lead storage battery as an example, its single body weight is 30kg, 200Ah is about 60kg, which is relatively heavy, and the submission is also very large.

What kind of lithium battery is good for RV?

2. Lithium battery

With the development of new energy, great progress has been made in the development and use of lithium batteries, and many motorhome modifications have also begun to use lithium batteries.

1) Classification of lithium batteries

Currently, there are two mainstream lithium batteries on the market: lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries. RVs use lithium iron phosphate batteries because they are safer and have stable functions.

2) Advantages

Compared with lead batteries, iron-lithium batteries have obvious advantages in terms of charging and discharging efficiency, power storage, volume and weight. The volume of iron-lithium batteries of the same specification is basically only half of that of lead batteries, and the volume is only three. About one part, the charging and discharging efficiency of the lithium battery is higher, and the service life is longer.

3) Disadvantages

The simple shortcomings of Li-ion are mainly in terms of price and safety: on the one hand, the price of lithium batteries is almost a good match for lead batteries or even more, and the use cost is higher; on the other hand, the quality of lithium batteries is unstable and the safety is still low. Room for improvement.

However, because the advantages of lithium batteries are more obvious, more and more riders choose to install lithium batteries to store electrical energy. However, lithium iron phosphate batteries are generally preferred because of its high stability. Many spontaneous new energy RVs are ternary lithium batteries.

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