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What kind of batteries are used in electric ships?

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At present, most of the batteries used in electric ships are mainly lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.

The advantages of lead-acid batteries are mature technology, stable voltage, low price, simple maintenance, stable quality, and high reliability; the disadvantages are low specific energy, short service life, and frequent daily maintenance. If it was 10 years ago, it should be the first choice for mainstream electric ship batteries. However, since the rise of lithium batteries, this situation has been completely broken. Lithium batteries themselves have the advantages of high energy density, good safety performance, long cycle life, strong endurance, safety and environmental protection, etc., in all aspects of these advantages, they are better than lead-acid The battery is better. With the continuous advancement of new energy batteries, lithium battery technology has also been continuously improved over the years, and has now become the mainstream battery in the battery industry. It is reasonable that lithium batteries have become the most commonly used battery for electric ships.

What kind of batteries are used in electric ships?

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