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What is the difference between solar cells and energy storage lithium-ion batteries

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Solar battery is a kind of power generation equipment, which can not directly store electric energy, while lithium ion battery is a kind of storage battery, and can continuously store electricity for users to use. Compared with energy storage lithium-ion batteries, one of the disadvantages of solar batteries is that they cannot be separated from the sunlight. The conversion of solar energy into electrical energy is synchronized with the sunlight in real time. Therefore, for solar batteries, only daytime or even sunny days are their home fields. But it cannot be the same as the energy storage lithium-ion battery, as long as the battery is fully charged, it can completely get rid of the time and environmental constraints and use it flexibly.

What is the difference between solar cells and energy storage lithium-ion batteries

The best partner for energy storage lithium-ion batteries is solar energy. The energy generated by solar energy must be stored by vinegar batteries for easy use. There are already street lights that use this mode to generate electricity. The energy storage lithium-ion batteries in street lights during the day can store solar energy and release electrical energy at night. This is actually a very demanding job. In addition to storing the energy required for daily nights, energy storage lithium-ion batteries must also store the energy required for nights when there is no sun. This requires energy storage lithium-ion batteries to be large enough to meet the demand.

The solar cell power generation system has high cost, low conversion efficiency, and strong variability with the environment, so the requirements for energy storage are relatively high. The service life of solar photovoltaic power generation system is generally 20 years, and the energy storage battery link required with it has the characteristics of long service life, stable performance, high energy efficiency, and strong ability to adapt to the environment.

The integrated solar cell-energy storage lithium-ion battery system is still in the early stage of research and development. Although there is still a long way to go for the commercialization of the solar cell-energy storage lithium-ion battery integrated system, its development will greatly benefit from the rapid progress in the current photovoltaic and battery fields. Its future development direction will also develop from the initial low-power, compact applications to large-scale energy applications.

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