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What conditions must be met for the popularization of solid-state batteries

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As the core component of the vehicle, the battery is related to the vehicle’s car experience. Car safety is also an industry in which major car companies have successively competed. Regarding electric vehicles, they are restricted by factors such as battery safety capacity, in order to better improve the vehicle’s endurance. Mileage, with higher requirements for battery energy density and other requirements, solid-state batteries are gradually coming out of the public’s field of vision. As a new category of power lithium-ion batteries, when will solid-state batteries become popular?

What conditions must be met for the popularization of solid-state batteries

The popularization of solid-state batteries must meet the technical requirements and the improvement of the industrial chain. At the same time, it must overcome the shortcomings brought by solid-state batteries. The structure of solid-state batteries uses solid positive and negative electrodes and solid electrolytes, and does not contain any liquid. All materials are batteries composed of solid materials. And this solid material is basically a non-flammable solid electrolyte, which replaces the flammable organic liquid electrolyte. In terms of battery safety and electrolyte stability, it also greatly improves the safety of the battery system. The conductive material inside the solid-state battery is made of metal materials such as metal lithium, which is a very active and active molecule, which is very easy to react with oxygen and moisture in the air, and is not resistant to high temperatures, which gives the processing and manufacturing of solid-state batteries. Brings a certain degree of difficulty.

The processing requirements are also relatively high. Taking processing as an example, the large-scale processing of solid-state batteries must consider factors brought about by processing technology and processing environment. Compared with traditional lithium-ion batteries, the accuracy of processing equipment is higher. It also requires a highly dry processing environment. In addition, regarding such batteries, they are new products, and they are all in a conservative state in terms of technology and have not been disclosed to the outside world, and there are relatively few uniformity in the industry standards.

At the same time, the solid-state battery itself will face some of its own shortcomings, and there are still many challenges in terms of conductivity, key materials, and market prices. Generally speaking, solid-state batteries are new processed products, and there is no unified technical level in the industry chain and industry standards. These aspects are the conditions that make the popularization of solid-state batteries difficult. Of course, with the development of technology, the development of solid-state batteries Popularization is only a matter of time.

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