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What are the types of ship batteries?

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There are many types of ship batteries. Lead-acid batteries were first used in the past. Later, nickel-hydrogen batteries and lithium batteries appeared, and most of the lead-acid batteries were gradually replaced. Due to the requirements of environmental protection development, the batteries produced by ship battery manufacturers have basically turned to nickel-hydrogen batteries and lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, the main types of marine batteries currently used are nickel-metal hydride batteries, energy storage lithium-ion batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. For large ships, due to a variety of electronic equipment, they may be installed and used according to actual equipment application requirements. Many different batteries. Ships generally refer to relatively large cruise ships, cargo ships, ro-ro ships and other relatively large ships. There are several types of energy storage batteries used in these ships, such as general energy storage lithium-ion batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, etc. . Different types of batteries are mainly equipped according to the type of ship equipment, so what are the characteristics of these ship batteries?

1. General energy storage lithium-ion battery

Energy storage lithium-ion batteries are not as good as lithium iron phosphate batteries in terms of high temperature resistance, polymer lithium batteries are not as good as polymer lithium batteries in terms of high temperature resistance, and their safety performance is not as good as nickel-hydrogen batteries. Therefore, the equipment price is relatively low. Of course, they are generally used for lighting energy storage. The power supply is sufficient for emergency lighting. Its placement location is generally a place that can maintain normal temperature.

What are the types of ship batteries?

2. Lithium iron phosphate battery

The performance of the lithium iron phosphate battery is better than that of the general energy storage lithium ion battery. It has high temperature resistance and a large current discharge capacity with a certain rate. The ordinary lithium iron phosphate battery has poor low temperature performance, but the improved lithium iron battery has low temperature performance. It is slightly better than NiMH batteries and slightly worse than polymer lithium batteries, but the high temperature performance will be reduced. In terms of installation costs, lithium iron phosphate batteries are more expensive than nickel-hydrogen batteries and lower than polymer lithium batteries. Therefore, most of the types of ship batteries currently used are lithium iron phosphate batteries, because they are used under the same normal temperature application. Lithium iron batteries are more cost-effective.

3. Ni-MH battery

The nickel-metal hydride batteries used on ships are not the kind of cylindrical batteries that we commonly use, but are relatively large-scale hydrogen energy battery systems. A set of nickel-metal hydride battery equipment is relatively large and heavy, so it is generally installed in a single installation, and it is basically not moved. It is fixedly installed in a certain position of the ship. It is mainly used for emergency or (storing the alternating current generated by the fuel engine and then converting it into stable direct current) electric energy conversion for some larger electronic equipment that needs a stable power supply.

The ship battery system is a more complicated energy storage system. It needs to be designed and constructed by relevant electronic engineers. At the same time, the specific use and transportation environment of the ship must be considered to determine the choice, installation and use of the ship’s battery type, otherwise it will encounter an emergency. , It is easy to malfunction and cause irreparable losses.

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