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These three new energy batteries, who is the future development direction?

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Nowadays, the power problem of the electric vehicle market has become the focus of attention, and the battery closely related to power must become the focus. So the question is: Which battery has the best performance in lithium iron phosphate batteries, ternary lithium batteries, and hydrogen fuel cells? What is the future trend? Today, Uncle Che compares three new energy batteries to this problem. Who can get the final What about his grace? It is predicted that Uncle Emperor Che will now make a bold prediction.

Lithium iron phosphate battery, as the name implies, is a lithium ion battery that uses lithium iron phosphate as the positive electrode material. In the early days, many manufacturers would think of ways to save costs because of material restrictions. The lithium iron phosphate battery is stable, safe, and low cost, and is favored by the majority of manufacturers. Manufacturers all want to reduce the cost of the battery while the cruising range can be guaranteed. Therefore, with the advancement of technology, ternary lithium batteries came into being. Why is lithium iron phosphate eliminated? It is nothing more than high energy consumption and low density. In the same cruising range, this battery has a higher self-weight and may have undesirable energy consumption. Therefore, experts once predicted that the development of lithium iron phosphate batteries has reached a bottleneck period, and the replacement of lithium iron phosphate batteries by ternary lithium batteries will be a historical trend in the development of power batteries for new energy vehicles.

These three new energy batteries, who is the future development direction?

Survival of the fittest has always been the trend of social development. The high energy density and low price of ternary lithium batteries have naturally become the choice of manufacturers. Who doesn’t want to reduce costs while ensuring power? In addition, the “Energy-saving and New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan” (2012-2020)” clearly stated: “The energy density requirement of the battery module is greater than 150 Wh/kg”. From this point of view, lithium iron phosphate batteries cannot compete with it. But is this battery really perfect? ​​The answer is no.

The ternary lithium battery will decompose at about 200 degrees, and the electrolyte will burn rapidly. If it is in the “fireplace city”, the temperature is too high and the environment is closed, there is more danger of spontaneous combustion and explosion. In addition, if the recycling is improper, the cathode material in the lithium battery will cause heavy metal pollution. However, as far as the Chinese market is concerned, this battery is still mainstream. Both the disposable lithium battery and the secondary lithium battery contain a variety of metals and organic solvents such as electrolyte. The electrolyte is quite corrosive and chemically toxic. If the battery explodes and burns, it will also produce toxic chemical gases, which is harmful to the environment. create pollution.

With the shortage of energy resources, the country has begun to frequently adopt favorable policies to carry out macro-control, hoping to replace lithium batteries with clean energy with less pollution and low cost. Hydrogen fuel cells are pollution-free, have a long service life, emit no pollutants, and are very environmentally friendly. Uncle Che is about to start today’s physics class again: the basic principle of this battery is the reverse reaction of electrolyzed water. It does not need to be charged, only needs to add hydrogen, which is convenient to use. With this battery, we no longer have to bother about charging. Car owners no longer need to spend a lot of time charging, just add a little hydrogen, which is as convenient as refueling now. Therefore, the industry also believes that this battery is called the “ultimate new energy power solution.”

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