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The emergence of marine UPS battery power supply greatly guarantees the safety of maritime operations

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The emergence of marine UPS power supplies greatly guarantees the safety of maritime operations. With the rapid development of ship technology, various advanced equipment on ships have higher and higher requirements for power supply systems. Traditional ship power detection work is generally carried out by manual methods, which is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also reliable. Relatively poor. With the increasing degree of automation of ship’s engine room, UPS has become more and more indispensable, and it has become more and more widely used on ships in recent years.

The emergence of marine UPS power supplies greatly guarantees the safety of maritime operations

The emergence of marine UPS power supplies is a dedicated UPS designed to meet the power protection requirements of offshore platforms, ships and related special environments. Since the navigation systems, emergency lighting systems, life-saving systems, IT equipment, communication systems and other equipment of offshore platforms and ships have high requirements for the stability of the power supply system, for this high-demand marine UPS, a variety of technologies to improve performance and stability have been concentrated. All in one.

The emergence of marine UPS battery power supply greatly guarantees the safety of maritime operations

First of all, it adopts a unique and intelligent intermittent charging and discharging battery management and battery monitoring technology, as well as programmable battery periodic diagnosis and monitoring technology. These two technologies can not only provide users with the working status and fault information of the battery pack in time, but also effectively control the charging and discharging process of the battery pack, prolong the service life of the battery by more than 50%, and increase the stability of the power supply system on board. sex.

Important performance characteristics of marine UPS power supply

①The operating efficiency is high, up to 95%, and the operation is quiet, while the ordinary UPS power supply can only reach 85%, and the noise is loud;

② Adapt to various capacitive, perceptual and mixed loads, such as lighting, computers, microwave ovens, printers, air conditioners, electric tools, etc., with high starting power; especially suitable for loads such as refrigerators, compressors, and electric tools. Traditional UPS technology does not provide similar performance ;

③The charging current of ordinary UPS is small, and the capacity of battery pack is limited. It is not suitable for the requirement of frequent discharge of storage batteries on ships. It often encounters battery shortage, while special UPS for ships has large charging current and long backup time of battery packs, which can quickly fill storage batteries;

④In terms of usability and installation, the space in the ship’s cabin is relatively limited. The ordinary UPS is generally larger and heavier. Either way, it must be placed on the floor or on the table, occupying a certain installation position.

Safety regulations for ship UPS power operation

1. The overhaul, maintenance, installation and other operations of the ship’s UPS power supply equipment should be carried out by the ship’s electrical personnel. Without the permission of the chief engineer officer, other personnel are prohibited from performing electrical work.

2. Insulated shoes must be worn when performing power supply maintenance and overhaul operations. It is strictly forbidden to wear slippers and other unsuitable shoes for electrical work. Insulated shoes, etc. should be updated regularly.

3. The insulating rubber paving the front and back of the main switchboard and the distribution board should be kept clean and intact, and should not be used for other purposes. No items are allowed to be stored inside the switchboard, distribution box, and control box.

4. Red “High Voltage Danger” warning signs should be marked on high voltage parts such as switchboards, power boxes, socket boxes, etc. A fire extinguisher suitable for fighting electrical fires should be provided near the switchboard.

Marine UPS has a longer service life and can adapt to various environmental conditions, such as shock resistance, impact resistance, tilt resistance, and resistance to drastic changes in temperature. In addition, they are fully compliant with the electromagnetic compatibility requirements of ship navigation and radio communication equipment, and have reached the IEC60945 electrical system standard. They can be installed in the wheelhouse without any impact on the ship’s sensitive instruments and equipment.

UPS power supply technology continues to develop. The switching conditions of important devices, switching tubes, have been improved in the resonance state, and the current resonance soft turn-on and zero-current shutdown have been realized, which greatly reduces the switching losses of the switching tubes and freewheeling diodes. This type of power supply has a volume It has the characteristics of small size, high efficiency, wide applicability, large adjustment range, and small electromagnetic interference. The actual measurement shows that the peak-to-peak voltage ripple meets the requirements at full load output, which is very suitable for ship UPS power supply and is widely used.

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