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The composition and development of electric cruise ship/yacht battery

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From the analysis of the similarities and differences between ships (yachts) and automobiles, as well as the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of electric motors and diesel engines, we can see the working principle of battery-electric ships. Electric boats and electric vehicles are sister flowers, and electric vehicles are currently leading the way. Because of the similarity between the two, the technology is similar. Due to the differences between the two, it shows the comparative advantages of ships, such as lower requirements for various conditions due to different operating principles, allowing larger load capacity and larger loading space and activity space, lower speed, There are no steep slopes, steep slopes, etc., so electric boats should be popularized before cars.

Due to the different working principles of diesel engines and electric motors, for example, the work of diesel engines is intermittent, there is noise and vibration, and the work of electric motors is continuous. Therefore, in terms of environmental protection and energy saving, electric motors have advantages, so electric propulsion ships are superior to diesel propulsion ships. The first is that the motor has no smoke, oil and water, and has low noise. At present, there are few gasoline engine ships in my country. On land, gasoline vehicles have low energy utilization efficiency and diesel vehicles have unpleasant odors, but no dust; the latter, on the contrary, have higher efficiency, but dust inevitably exists. Diesel vehicles and ships are no exception. Secondly, electric propulsion has high energy utilization efficiency. It is well known that the power utilization efficiency of diesel engines, that is, the maximum utilization efficiency of the energy used to propel the ship to do work, is about 30%. This is because the cooling water takes away about 30% and the flue gas takes away about 30%. In modern energy technology, the unification of heating and power supply is advocated, because in this way, the energy taken by cooling water and flue gas can be used, and the energy utilization efficiency can reach more than 70%. However, on ships, especially small ships, thermal energy cannot be used, at least it is difficult to recover greatly. Therefore, the power energy utilization efficiency of diesel engines is the total energy utilization efficiency, which is only 30%. Take the battery electric vehicle as an example to compare, its essence is the electric propulsion of the ship with the battery and the electric motor. Efficiency is higher than 85%.

The ship (yacht) electric propulsion technology is mature and has already been applied to special ships such as self-propelled crane ships, engineering ships, dredgers and conventional submarines. Electric propulsion is divided into two types: diesel engine-generated electric propulsion and full battery electric propulsion. The former is still inefficient and polluting because of its diesel engine, while the latter, on the contrary, matures in the military and has not been popularized for civilian use. A conventional submarine is a ship in which a diesel engine and a battery are combined. The battery is used for electric propulsion underwater, and the diesel engine is used for propulsion on the surface. At present, due to the rapid development of electric vehicle technology, the development of battery and charging and discharging technology has been promoted, which is very conducive to the popularization of marine electric propulsion technology. To sum up, starting from the principles of automobiles and ships, diesel engines and electric motors, and based on the strategic height of environmental protection and energy saving, combining ships with the needs of contemporary tourism, especially water tourism, can make use of the application innovation of electric propulsion technology, Launch new humanized tourism programs and new ship products that are environmentally friendly, conducive to the construction of a conservation-oriented society. It is not only an improvement of the tourism realm and an update of traditional products, but also a supporting measure for the environmental protection of the Three Gorges, and an energy-saving economic strategic support for the harmony between man and nature. There is no doubt that the popularization of battery-electric ships, beyond tourism, into passenger and freight transport, will be of great significance to economic development, environmental protection, and the construction of a harmonious society. The above is the working principle of the battery electric ship explained from the technical level. To fully understand its meaning, it is necessary to look at the problem from the market level.

When it comes to electric boats/yachts, people immediately think of toy boats in park pools. Obviously this is not the kind we hope to popularize, the two are not the same. What about when we scale them up to 100 kilometers of range? Due to the same reason as the electric vehicle – the low energy of the battery, the current electric tourist boats can only be small yachts working in the area of ​​a specific water area with a base. In this sense, compared with the scale of traditional diesel ships, the current civil electric ships are small boats. Of course, larger ships can be realized in the future.

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