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The best country for RV self-driving tours

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The RV is a way of life and a way of traveling. It brings dreamers and walkers a moment of magical time outside of free life, amazing stories and endless fun beyond anything else.

In the paradise of RV camping in the world, RV Nation does its best to help those who love RV travel find the most satisfying RV self-driving tour. Motorhome travelers should express their gratitude to those countries that have such ideas, and provide some suggestions to motorhome travelers so that they can set their next motorhome trip in these most suitable places.

news4211.New Zealand

If you want to really learn about a country through motorhome self-driving tours, self-driving tours in New Zealand are a good choice. This country is small enough that you can enjoy most of its scenery in a few weeks, and most of the people are friendly. New Zealand welcomes tourists-especially those with an open mind and adventurous spirit! The scenery here is world-famous, and the relaxed community atmosphere of the small town on the North and South islands will make you never want to leave. New Zealand allows limited free camping for self-driving vehicles. The country also has a network of camps operated by the Ministry of Conservation. The fees are very low, ranging from free to $16 per adult, depending on the facility and location. They are usually in beautiful places, close to lakes and beaches, and are a great way to see and experience New Zealand’s scenic treasures.

2. Canada

In Canada, the options for RV camps are diverse, from simple attractions to luxurious RV resorts. National and provincial campsites are spread all over the country, and travelers can stay in the most spectacular scenery you can think of-imagine you wake up in the iconic blue waters of Lake Louise, reflecting like a mountain mirror. The scenery is like a postcard. 

Canadians are known for their friendliness, courtesy and hospitality, and this is the perfect choice for an immersive road trip. You must not only enjoy the wealth of nature, but also the wealth of mankind, because you will walk on the vast expanse of the world’s second largest country.

3. Norway

Norway is a dream place for those who want to explore the world in their RV. Not only does it have the most spectacular scenery in the world (Harrow, the coastline of the entire fjord), but it also has a law called “allemannsretten (right of way)”, which is the right to enter or roam here in English. This means that anyone has the right to camp freely on uncultivated land for up to two nights.

The right of way and an independent, autonomous RV are the secret recipe for this adventure-remember not to leave traces of camping. Anyone who loves nature will find their utopia in the beautiful landscapes of Norway, so you are also such a person, so put it on your RV wish list.

4. France

France’s highways not only have amazing cheap wines and cheeses, but they also provide the perfect solution for tired road travelers: Ellis. These convenient small rest stations are open for free or at a low fee. They provide a campground for motorhomes (camping vehicles), and most of them will provide at least one garbage station and water tap. Usually you can find these places near the main routes outside the city. Their appearance or facilities are not perfect, but they are perfect for those who do not have a strict schedule and want a cheap vacation.

In addition to Alice, there are many campsites in France. It is equally amazing-from the historic buildings of big cities and the glitz of the Riviera, to the charming countryside, to the magical coastal towns in the southwest. France has mountains, lakes, forests and beaches, and wine and cheese are the best things to eat when driving a motorhome.

5.The United States

The United States is a typical road travel destination, with highways stretching thousands of miles across different states and landscapes. There are many iconic landscapes, from the Golden Gate Bridge and scenery in Las Vegas in the west of the United States to the Empire State Building and beaches in Florida in the east. There are countless unnamed towns, scenic spots and friendly people along the way. Route 66 is probably the most famous road travel route, with endless possibilities.

There are also plenty of camping opportunities across the United States, and national parks and state parks are usually the best. KOA chain campsites are a popular resource for RV travelers and campers, all over the United States, with guaranteed quality and hygiene. For those visiting the city, a good suggestion is: Many Wal-Mart parking lots allow RVs to stay overnight.


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