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Storage System

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The development of an energy industry grows rapidly in the new energy industry. The complex application of lithium battery in energy storage applies mainly in fields such as power auxiliary service, renewable energy grid, and DSM. Also, it applies in backup power supply for base stations, family light storage system, electric vehicle light storage charging station and more.

Currently, the market of lithium battery storage majorly makes use of lithium iron phosphate battery. This material is safe to use, performs tremendously well in the charge and discharge of performance and also has good raw material resources. These resources are beneficial for cost control. The span of lead-acid battery is between 200 and 300 times which is nothing compared to that of lithium ferric phosphate having between 1,500 and 2000 span which approximates a theoretical life of five to eight years.

Furthermore, the discharge features of LiFepO4 battery is similar to that of lead acid battery. This implies that LiFePo4 battery is capable of replacing lead acid battery.

At the moment, the price at which lithium-ion batteries are sold is more expensive than that of lead-acid batteries. But it is important to note that with the advancement in the power lithium battery industry, an increasing number of power lithium batteries will need recycling. Powered lithium batteries that undergo recycling can continue to be inserted into solar energy storage and wind energy storage to store electrical energy, thereby reducing the price of lithium batteries. TLH battery can offer the best battery solution based on the specifications of the customers. This ranges from solar battery charger, rechargeable batteries, deep cycle battery, solar battery, solar panel battery, battery storage, to lead storage battery and more.


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