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Ship electrification will become a trend, and the development prospects of marine batteries are better

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Marine battery is a chemical power device for ship power, lighting, communication, signal and emergency power supply. According to different battery types, it can be divided into lead-acid battery, lithium battery and fuel cell. Traditional marine batteries are mainly used for lighting and communication of ships, and are lead-acid batteries with small battery capacity.

In recent years, due to the high energy storage contained in batteries, optimized power control can reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions, and the electrification of ships has had a great positive impact on the environment. Regions have launched the electrification of ships, and pure electric ships and hybrid ships have been put into use. In March 2020, Corvus Energy secured a contract from Westcon Power & Automation to power a lithium-ion battery-based energy storage system (ESS) for a new hybrid coastal cargo vessel to be built by Arriva Shipping of China Oceanic Offshore Equipment . At the end of 2020, a new zero-emission electric propulsion tanker jointly developed by Japanese shipping companies is expected to be put into production. This is also the world’s first pure electric tanker, and its core energy will use lithium-ion batteries for electric propulsion. At present, electric ships are limited by battery capacity and charging convenience. The applications of electric ships are mainly concentrated in inland lakes, inland rivers and offshore ports. etc., and the application tonnage is generally below 5,000 tons. Similar to the advantages of electric vehicles compared to traditional fuel vehicles, electric ships can achieve true zero emissions compared to traditional fossil fuel ships, and have no pollution to the environment. At the same time, because electricity costs are cheaper and ship charging can be staggered, the cost of using ships is higher. Low, usually pure electric ships can save 30% of the operating cost of 100 kilometers compared with diesel-powered ships, and more than 20% of ships.

Ship electrification will become a trend, and the development prospects of marine batteries are better

Relevant reports show that the current degree of electrification of ships in the world is still relatively low, and the market size is relatively small. However, in recent years, environmental problems have become more and more serious, and the environmental protection policies of various countries around the world have become more and more strict. The trend of pure electric replacing traditional fossil fuels has become very obvious in the automotive field. In the field of ships, pure electric will also become an inevitable trend.

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