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RV battery life options: What are the advantages of RV lithium batteries?

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As one of the necessary water and electricity for RV travel and life, although the RV will have a certain capacity storage battery when leaving the factory, it is generally equipped with 1-2 batteries to store power, usually 100AH-200AH, which can basically meet the requirements. Simple electrical appliances such as RV lighting and rice cookers. It can only be said that it is barely enough. If you want to use it a little bit “willful”, many car users will generally “expand” the battery after mentioning a new car.

At present, the batteries used in RVs are generally equipped with lead-acid batteries or gel batteries when they leave the factory, but their shortcomings are also obvious, so many riders will choose to use iron-lithium batteries when refitting their circuits.

RV lithium battery

With the development of new energy, great progress has been made in the research and development and use of lithium batteries. Many RV modifications have also begun to use lithium batteries. Currently, the mainstream lithium batteries on the market include lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries, which are used in RVs. There are more lithium iron phosphate batteries because they are safer and more stable.

RV battery life options: What are the advantages of RV lithium batteries?


Compared with lead batteries, iron-lithium batteries have obvious advantages in terms of charging and discharging efficiency, power storage, volume and weight. The size of iron-lithium batteries of the same specification is basically only half of that of lead batteries, and the volume is only About one-third. Lithium batteries have higher charging and discharging efficiency and longer service life.

Because the advantages of lithium batteries are more obvious, more and more riders choose to store electric energy according to lithium batteries.

However, judging from the examples we gave earlier, the battery can only be used as an auxiliary to help us store a part of the electric energy. If we really want to use electricity normally at home, we still have to consider how to improve the source of electricity.

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