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Problems in the daily work of batteries

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If the battery cannot be found to have problems in time during the operation process, it will affect the power supply of the system and may bring catastrophic consequences. Therefore, keeping each battery in an intact state is the primary purpose of battery monitoring and management.

The battery life cannot meet the design requirements. At present, the battery we use may have such a problem: when the battery is installed, the battery manufacturer claims that the service life of the valve-regulated lead-acid battery under floating charge can reach more than 10 years, but in reality, the battery It may be degraded in about 2-3 years, so that batteries that have been used for less than 5 years have to be eliminated. Some batteries have been abnormal even after half a year of operation.

The lack of temperature compensation under the battery floating charge is due to the complicated operating environment of the battery, and the influence of the ambient temperature on the battery, especially the voltage and current, is greater. Above 25°C, for every 1°C added, the battery charging current will increase by 10% and the battery loss of water will increase by 1.5%.


How to check the battery yourself

Regarding the inspection of the battery, we mainly look at two data: one is the voltage and the other is the starting current. As for the monitoring of the starting current, relatively complicated equipment is required, which is only available in general repair shops. But checking the voltage is very simple, a general multimeter is sufficient, and the operation is simple. Next, the editor of the battery manufacturer will tell you how to maintain the battery.

The battery is a consumable, and there will be a day when it will fail. You can only extend its service life as much as possible with the usual details and develop a good car usage habit. Before parking, turn off the lights and turn off the air conditioner. Some older models do not support the automatic power-off function after the flame is turned off. Therefore, you need to manually turn off the lights and the interior reading lights before turning off the vehicle. If you need to find something in the car or need to be able to use a mobile phone or flashlight for lighting, you don’t have to turn on the reading light and forget to turn it off, which will cause the battery to drain.

Many people tend to overlook the air-conditioning system. After the flame is turned off, the air-conditioning remains open. Although there is no energy, the air-conditioning cannot be started. However, when we start the car again, the air-conditioning will automatically operate. This is about the load on the battery. It is very large, and it will also affect the life of the battery.

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