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Precautions for use and maintenance of batteries!

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At present, lead-acid batteries for automobiles can be divided into two categories according to their protection status: protective batteries and non-protective batteries.

Lead-acid batteries are composed of positive and negative plates, separators, shells, electrolytes and terminals. In the process of use, due to the characteristics of the lead-acid battery itself, excessive differentiation of water will be formed, which will reduce the electrolyte.

Free lead-calcium alloy to protect the battery, less water hydration, lower evaporation, do not add any liquid compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, less corrosion in the junction and body, strong against bullying, starting current, storage time long.

Regarding the use and maintenance of unprotected lead-acid batteries, the following points should be noted:

1. If the battery does not continue to discharge, it will slowly discharge until it is wasted. Therefore, if the time is not long, the power cord should be disconnected, and the car should be started at regular intervals (6 weeks) to charge the battery.

2. When the instrument panel shows that the battery power is low, it should be charged in time.

3. The electrolyte concentration should be adjusted according to the standards of different regions and seasons.

4. In the event of a power outage, distilled water or special water should be replenished in time, and must not replace drinking pure water.
5. When starting the car, continuous use of the starting time will cause the battery to be damaged due to excessive discharge. The driving time should not exceed 5 seconds each time, and the interval between driving again should not be less than 15 seconds.

6. In daily driving, pay more attention to check whether the holes on the battery cover are ventilated.

Check the positive and negative electrodes of the battery for oxidation.

Check the circuit for aging or short circuits to prevent the battery from shortening its life due to excessive discharge.

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