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Outdoor mobile power, how to use it safely?

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The summer is coming, and many citizens choose to go out for camping. Portable outdoor power banks can charge mobile phones, cameras, projectors and even rice cookers multiple times, and have become very popular travel equipment. So, how to use outdoor power bank safely?


The safety of outdoor mobile power has a lot to do with the quality of the batteries used in the product itself, the design of safety and reliability, and the usage. After purchasing the product, the public must read the instruction manual carefully, and cannot use electrical appliances that exceed the maximum power specified in the product manual to prevent accidents caused by short circuit of electrical equipment.

In addition, pay attention to the wear and tear of the power cord at all times. If wear and aging are found, replace it in time to avoid accidents caused by short circuits. During use, do not use non-original chargers to charge the outdoor power bank. When charging, clean up around the outdoor power bank to prevent fire accidents. Outdoor mobile power supplies that are not frequently used should be maintained and maintained according to the instructions in the instruction manual to prolong their service life. During the use of outdoor mobile power, citizens should remember not to throw, knock or violently shake the mobile power, try to prevent violent vibration when moving and using, and remember that outdoor mobile power should not be exposed to rain.

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