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Novice motorhome drivers must understand: the use and maintenance of motorhome batteries!

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Becoming a family of RVs is naturally extremely joyful. However, because many people do not know how to maintain their RVs, the service life of their RVs is continuously reduced. So how should the RVs be maintained? Today we talk about an extremely important part of the RV-battery maintenance knowledge!

First: If you encounter a situation where you need to put the RV in storage, be sure to turn off all the power on the RV and check whether the battery is still discharged, because if the RV is not used for a long time and all the electrical power has not been turned off, then small The power of the battery can also drain the battery. Although the battery has an “over-discharge protection” function, the long-term zero power will still affect the battery life. Charge the battery once a month to maximize battery life.

Novice motorhome drivers must understand: the use and maintenance of motorhome batteries!

Second: In the course of travel or during the trip, if the battery has abnormal noise, odor, smoke or even fire, you must stop and leave the cab as soon as possible, check the condition of the vehicle, and call if it is serious. For rescue or insurance company calls, if you encounter an open fire, you must extinguish the fire. Of course, this kind of situation rarely occurs. Most of the problems are often that the process of vehicle maintenance and battery maintenance have never been carried out, so that small hidden dangers have become big ones. Disaster, so the daily maintenance of the RV is very important!

Third: The power resources in the RV are very precious. Be sure to pay attention to the situation of small electrical appliances running out of dripping dew, and reduce the use of products with high standby power consumption, such as the mosquito killer used in summer. It consumes 20 AH, so you must develop a habit of using electricity as you use it.

At present, some of the more advanced and scientifically designed RVs also have many advantages in electricity, such as the Ford E150LTD Freedom 4WD off-road RV, which has an independent power system, and riders can fully see the power consumption of the RV and be timely. Supplementary electric energy and reasonable use of electricity, and at the same time, it is equipped with a generator device, even if there is no campsite supply in the wild, it can achieve sufficient electricity use, which is really convenient.

In short, the RV is the same as our family and friends. Take care of it and take care of it. It can accompany us to more places, see more beautiful scenery, feel more passion, and get a richer life!

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