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New energy power lithium batteries are currently facing both opportunities and challenges

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On April 21, the “2018 my country New Energy Power Lithium Battery and Energy Storage Industry Conference” was held in Taizhou, Jiangsu. In the sub-forum with the theme of “Opportunity. Innovation. Breakthrough”, many power lithium battery experts, scholars and representatives of power lithium battery companies talked freely about the opportunities and challenges currently faced by the power lithium battery industry.


Ye Shengji, deputy secretary-general of the my country Association of Automobile Manufacturers, believes that at present, my country’s automobile industry is not strong. Although the annual production and sales of new energy vehicles have reached the goal of over 700,000 vehicles, they still need to work hard on product upgrades and core technology upgrades. . Ye Shengji said that my country’s new energy automobile industry is not yet mature, and there is still a lot of room for development of key core technologies, and there is still a long way to go for infrastructure and environmental construction.


Wang Fang, chief expert of the my country Automotive Technology Research Center, explained her research and views on the standards and detection evaluation of power lithium batteries to the guests. Statistics show that the energy density and group efficiency of power lithium batteries have been greatly improved. In terms of packaging structure, the group efficiency of soft pack batteries is higher than other packaging structures. In terms of the full life cycle performance of power lithium batteries, she divided the detection evaluation into three aspects: usable, controllable and disaster hazard evaluation, in order to better evaluate the power lithium battery.


Liu Yanlong, secretary-general of the my country Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, explained to the guests the development of the power lithium battery industry in recent years. In 2017, the domestic lithium battery market reached about 113 billion yuan, of which the power lithium battery scale was about 60 billion yuan, and the assembly volume reached about 10.5 billion watt-hours. He said that since 2015, first-line companies in the power lithium battery industry have expanded their market share through technical advantages, and some companies with no advantages are facing the danger of being eliminated. The power lithium battery industry has entered a period of rapid reshuffle. This trend will be further accelerated in the future. The company must not only have strong technical and financial support, but also continue to invest in rational market positioning and rapid market response capabilities. Win the market.


Li Xiaoping, chief scientist of Narada’s lithium battery, also explained the relationship between the new energy industry and power lithium batteries from the perspective of systems engineering. He pointed out that every part of the system is excellent, but the entire system is not necessarily optimal. On the contrary, if the system is to be optimized, some sacrifices must be made locally.


Zhang Chunyu, director of the second division of BYD’s battery business group, analyzed BYD’s development route in power lithium batteries. She said that due to the increase in the price of raw materials, it can affect the choice of end consumers for electric vehicles. In order to reduce such impact, BYD will continue to develop lithium iron phosphate batteries.


Qiu Qiu, chairman of Miaosheng Power Technology Co., Ltd., analyzed Miaosheng Power’s relevant experience in subcontracting power replacement; Li Bingjiang, director of the R&D Center of Jiangsu Zhihang New Energy Co., Ltd., analyzed Zhihang New Energy’s power lithium battery products Development situation; Wu Hui, research director of the Ivey Economic Research Institute, shared his mid- to long-term outlook for my country’s automotive power lithium battery industry.


In the high-end dialogue session, industry representatives from the fields of power lithium battery upstream materials, battery manufacturing, manufacturing equipment, industrial investment and energy storage shared their expectations for the future development of the power lithium battery industry.

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