Lithtech TE500 500Wh Solar Wind Energy Input 500wh Backup Emergency Use Portable Storage Power Bank Rental Station

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With the development of the global low-carbon economy and the introduction of energy-saving and emission reduction policies, it has become a development trend for new energy vehicles to gradually replace fuel vehicles and electric motorcycles to gradually replace fuel motorcycles. At present, small-capacity portable energy storage cannot replace small fuel engine generators. . In order to make up for this vacancy, practice the green mission of Zhengfang Technology. Shenzhen Litai Energy Technology gathered the R&D team and long-term accumulated technical reserves, and through various technical breakthroughs, the Qiancheng Power New Energy Power Station came into being. Its ultra-large electricity, powerful power, quietness, environmental protection, safety and convenience will surely provide new impetus for energy saving, emission reduction and people’s green life. Portable energy storage power supply is a new energy system made of environmentally friendly cells. Portable energy storage power supply is widely used in environmental protection, communication, fire protection, electric power, tourism, household energy storage and other fields. The portable energy storage power industry will also usher in new development opportunities.


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