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Lithium iron phosphate is a new material that triggered the battery revolution industry

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Lithium iron phosphate is a new material that has triggered a revolution in the lithium-ion battery industry. Lithium cobaltate, lithium iron phosphate, ternary materials, and lithium manganate are all commonly used cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries, and different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. As a new type of lithium-ion battery cathode material, lithium iron phosphate costs about 40% of the entire battery cost, which undoubtedly has a bright future.

Lithium iron phosphate is a new material that triggered the revolution of lithium-ion battery industry

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO., referred to as LFP, also called lithium iron phosphorus) of lithium iron phosphate battery refers to a lithium ion battery that uses lithium iron phosphate as a positive electrode material, and its working principle is the same as that of a lithium ion battery. Lithium iron phosphate cathode material has become a research hotspot in the battery industry due to its rich iron and phosphorus raw materials, low price, large specific capacity, excellent high temperature performance, high power output, long cycle life, and environmental friendliness.

Lithium iron phosphate has great advantages as a positive electrode material for lithium-ion batteries. At the same time, as a positive electrode, it has the characteristics of simple synthesis process. Since lithium iron phosphate was first proposed to have desorption/intercalation properties in 1997, lithium iron phosphate has been As a new type of lithium-ion battery cathode material, it has attracted the attention of lithium-ion battery researchers.

With the rapid development of the economy’s increasing demand for energy materials, and the strong demand for new, high-efficiency and environmentally friendly energy materials in mobile phones, notebook computers, digital cameras, video cameras, automobiles and other products, my country’s lithium-ion batteries, solar cells, fuel power The rapid development of batteries has led to the development of related materials industries.

Due to its own advantages, lithium iron phosphate batteries are widely used in various fields such as hybrid vehicles, electric tools, electric bicycles, electric bicycles, power generation and energy storage devices. Statistics show that lithium iron phosphate is an emerging material that triggers the lithium battery revolution industry and is the forefront of the development of the lithium ion battery industry.

Lithium iron phosphate battery has higher safety, stability, low price, and more environmental protection value. Many lithium-ion battery manufacturers in my country are more inclined to use lithium iron phosphate materials, which are recognized as the most promising cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries.


Advantages of lithium iron phosphate materials

1. Safety; the safety performance of lithium iron phosphate battery is the best among all materials at present, and it will generally not explode.

2. High stability; including high-temperature charging capacity stability, storage performance, etc., which is the biggest advantage.

3. Environmental protection; the entire production process is clean and non-toxic, and all raw materials are non-toxic and non-polluting.

4. The price is cheap.

The industrialization and popularization of lithium iron phosphate materials are of great significance to reduce the cost of lithium-ion batteries, improve battery safety, expand the lithium-ion battery industry, and promote the large-scale and high-power lithium-ion batteries. Applications in medium and large capacity UPS, medium and large energy storage batteries, electric tools, and electric vehicles have become a reality.

In recent years, the technology of the lithium iron phosphate material industry has continued to mature, and homogeneous competition has been prominent. Most small and medium-sized lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers have gradually withdrawn from the market. The market will no longer expand at a low level, but pay more attention to product performance and rapid technology. Iterative and industrial ecological cooperation, the lithium iron phosphate market is accelerating its concentration towards the leader in its steady growth, and the industry concentration has further increased.

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