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Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a broad market!

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Since 2020, the lithium iron phosphate battery market has begun to pick up and entered a new growth cycle.

From the perspective of the application market, the current application areas of lithium iron phosphate batteries include new energy vehicles, energy storage, 5G base stations, two-wheeled vehicles, heavy trucks, electric ships and other fields.

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The application of new energy vehicles accounts for the largest proportion, including new energy passenger vehicles, new energy buses and new energy special vehicles; the energy storage field currently uses lithium iron phosphate batteries accounting for more than 94%, including new products and echelon batteries, which are mainly used in UPS, back-up power supply and communication energy storage and other fields; the future development of the electric ship market is expected to be good, and the application in this field is currently all lithium iron phosphate batteries; lithium iron phosphate batteries have also begun to be applied in the two-wheeler battery swap market.

As the market begins to further get rid of policy and move towards real marketization, opportunities for lithium iron phosphate batteries will also be further opened.

In the field of new energy vehicles, at the beginning of 2020, Tesla and Ningde Times will cooperate to enter the “cobalt-free battery”, bringing lithium iron phosphate batteries back to the center of the stage. Driven by the significant increase in the sales of many models supporting lithium iron phosphate batteries such as the domestic Model 3, BYD Han EV, Hongguang MINI EV, etc., including Ningde Times, BYD, Guoxuan High-Tech, Ruipu Energy, Penghui Energy and other battery companies, The installed capacity of LFP batteries in the passenger car market has increased significantly. According to industry statistics, the proportion of lithium iron phosphate battery shipments in total power battery shipments has risen from 28% in 2019 to about 35-40% in 2020.

It is understood that China will need to build or renovate at least 14.38 million base stations in the future. Based on a single station energy consumption of 2700W and emergency 4h, the 5G base station energy storage market will provide 155GWh of demand for lithium iron phosphate batteries in the future, and the corresponding market scale will exceed 100 billion yuan.

In the field of two-wheeled vehicles, lithium iron phosphate batteries have also been well applied. The implementation of the new national standard has brought about a large-scale replacement demand, which will drive the sales of two-wheel electric vehicles to continue to rise. The continuous development of the sharing economy and the large-scale launch of shared motorcycles on the market have also provided a strong impetus for the production and sales of two-wheeled electric vehicles.

In the field of heavy trucks, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the latest batch of “Announcements on Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products.” 16 heavy trucks have appeared in new energy logistics vehicles, 10 of which are clearly equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries.

In the field of electric ships, as far as the current situation is concerned, the electric ships deployed by Yiwei Lithium Energy, Ningde Times, and Guoxuan High-Tech, without exception, use lithium iron phosphate batteries

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