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Lithium battery is divided into power battery? capacity battery? Rate battery? How to distinguish?

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What is a power battery? The difference between it and ordinary batteries
Briefly describe the difference between power batteries and ordinary batteries is the effect of large discharge current on the battery

Lithium battery is divided into power battery?

1. Different battery capacity
The unit of battery capacity is basically AH or mAH, 1AH=1000mAH
In the case of all new batteries, the capacity of the cells is divided by the capacity distribution cabinet. The capacity of the general power battery is about 1500mAh; while the capacity of the ordinary battery is above 2000mAh, and some can reach 3500mAh, such as the capacity of the Samsung 35E 18650. Can do 3500mAH.

2. The discharge rate of the cell is different, referred to as C
1C means 1 hour to discharge or fully charged, 2C means 0.5 hours.
Generally, lithium batteries can be divided into 3 gears according to the magnification. The capacity model below 3C is basically a capacity model. This kind of battery does not support rapid charge and discharge. 3-8C is a power type battery. It is mainly used in electric vehicles and industrial equipment. This kind of battery can basically meet the fast charge and discharge. The battery cell is insignificant. However, the power type battery is the current mainstream battery. The last is the rate type battery, which is basically above 10C, that is to say, the discharge current can instantly reach 10 times the capacity. For example, a 2000mah 10C rate battery, the discharge current can reach 20A. Think about whether it is easy to connect several more currents up to thousands of amps in parallel.

3. Different application scenarios
Capacitance-type cells are used in devices that are basically low current, or under conditions where the requirements for working conditions are not so strict. The most common ones are solar street lights, energy storage, and toy cars that do not require current.

Power cells are mainly used on equipment that has current and working environment requirements, such as AGV trucks, industrial equipment, and batteries for sightseeing vehicles, which require a large current to support the equipment, but the current will not reach Especially exaggerated. The most common one is the lithium battery of ordinary electric vehicles. There are many application scenarios.

Multiplier type batteries are generally used in devices that require instantaneous high current, such as model aircraft, unmanned ships, drones, and trucks. The current of these devices can easily reach a current of one or two thousand A, so you can choose to use them. The cells of the magnification model.

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