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How to upgrade your golf cart to lithium

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How to upgrade your golf cart to lithium

Built Lithtech tough, our lithium batteries will help you play longer with twice the run time for your golf cart or electric vehicle, while lasting 4x longer, providing exceptional lifetime value. Built out of our legendary lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, this battery set requires no maintenance or watering, can be installed in any orientation, and can charge 5X faster than lead acid – giving you more time, and more freedom on and off the green. The best part is a set of Lithtech Lithium weighs 1/4 as much as a set of lead acid golf cart batteries, allowing you to cut 300 lbs or more off your cart. Experience better golf cart handling, less wear & tear, and lower maintenance costs.


But how do you find what voltage and size battery will work best with your vehicle? Each golf cart and electric vehicle is built differently and utilizes multiple different parts, so we’ve created this guide to give you the tools you need to find the best batteries for your vehicle.


Step 1: What voltage does your vehicles motor require?

This should be as easy as looking into your owners manual, googling the technical specifications of your vehicle, or finding a technical/serial number sticker on your vehicle.


If none of the above yields your voltage, youll need to open up the area where your current batteries are and do a bit of simple calculation. Most batteries should have a voltage rating listed on them. Just multiply the voltage of the batteries by the number of batteries in the bank and youll get your rated voltage! Ex: Eight 6V batteries would be a 48V system.


Note: the majority of our batteries are sold as 12 volt systems. To find the number of batteries you need to 

achieve your voltage, simply divide the required voltage by 12. Ex: A 36V system / 12 = Three 12V batteries wired in series. More on wiring batteries in series may be found here.

 How to upgrade your golf cart to lithium

Step 2: What is the amperage rating on your motor controller?

What is a motor controller? The motor controller is a piece of equipment installed between the batteries and the motor (almost like a breaker or fuse) and, as the name suggests, controls the amount of power pulled from the batteries and fed to the motor.


The amperage rating on the motor controller is the maximum amount of amps it will pull at any given time. This is important to know as lithium batteries can only provide so much power at once.


To find your vehicles motor controller rating, youll need to consult your owners manual, google the technical specifications of your vehicle, or find the motor controller in your system most motor controllers will have a label on them with their voltage and amperage rating. If you are unsure of the information on the motor controller, feel free to snap a picture and send it over to and our Support team can help interpret the info!


Step 3: What batteries do I need?

Now that youve got your voltage and motor controller rating handy, we can determine what batteries will best fit your vehicle. Compare your motor controller rating with the list below.


Rating of 200 amps and under

Use our 12V 100Ah batteries wired in series to meet your required voltage OR a 48V 96Ah battery.

Rating over 201 amps

Replace (or adjust if possible) the motor controller to a lower rating.

How to upgrade your golf cart to lithium

How to upgrade your golf cart to lithium



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