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How to ship lifepo4 batteries from China?

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3 ways to shipping lithium batteries you must know

For the transportation industry, lithium-ion batteries have always been classified as hazardous, not only for themselves but also for the equipment in which they are installed. For safety reasons, lithium-ion batteries are transported in a very strict manner. Therefore, in order to receive the goods in a safe and timely manner, the transportation of lithium-ion batteries must be handed over to a professional battery transportation freight company to operate, the transportation price will also be relatively higher than ordinary goods. We will introduce the following points in detail:

Simply put, there are three modes of transportation for lithium batteries:

  • shipping lithium batteries by sea.
  • shipping lithium batteries by air.
  • shipping lithium batteries by land.

1.Air transport. (shipping lithium batteries by air)

Air transport can be divided into two kinds, one is express, the other one is air freight.

  • Express shipping is the whole process of shipping via UPS or FedEx, which can usually be delivered to your door. This is the fastest shipping method, but it is also the most expensive for the same weight. It is suitable for small quantities or sample orders of lithium batteries, and can also be used for urgent orders with requirements for timeliness.
  • Airfreight is generally through the lithium battery airline transport to the port, and then according to customer demand for delivery or by the customer’s own pickup. This mode of transportation is also faster, cheaper than express delivery but still higher than other methods. It is suitable for urgent orders with slightly larger volume but with requirements on-time efficiency.
  • 2.Sea transport. (shipping lithium batteries by sea)

Sea freight is a common way to transport large cargoes of lithium batteries, usually from the port of the exporting country to the port of the destination country. It needs to be carried out by sea only when the cargo reaches a certain weight and volume, which is cheap and cost-effective, with a slower timeframe compared to air transportation. This mode of transportation is suitable for customers with large cargo volumes and no urgent requirement for time.

3.Land transport. (shipping lithium batteries by land)

Land transportation is also usually divided into two types, one is by train and the other is by truck. This mode of transportation is relatively inexpensive and requires less weight and volume of goods than sea transportation, but the time efficiency is slower and only suitable for those who have the land connection between the exporting country and destination country. It is suitable for customers who need to reduce transportation costs and have no requirement for time efficiency.

Here is a comparison of the 3 ways lithium battery shipping methods:

Comparison of the 3 ways lithium battery shipping methods

Price(from low to high)

Sea transport>Land transport>Air freight>Express

Shipping time(from fast to slow)

Express>Air freight>Land transport>Sea transport

Cargo starting quantity

(from small to big)

Air transport>Land transport>Sea transport

The above is just an overview of the three modes of transportation in general. There may be many details that have not been developed, for example: can the goods be delivered to a private address? How to operate customs clearance for imported lithium batteries? What are the relevant import taxes and fees? etc.

Our company has specialized in the battery industry for many years and has rich experience in exporting batteries. We can provide high-quality goods and at the same time, according to your specific situation, we can make corresponding logistics transportation plan for you to ensure that the goods can be delivered safely and timely. If you need this, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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