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How to make battery pack solution for electric bike ?

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At TLH battery, we provide solutions related tocustom electric bike batteryto our clients. These customers are within the geographic region of Europe and North America ranging from Germany, Sweden,andFrance to U.S.A and Canada. These governments foster, as well as motivate individuals to make use of electric bikes.

A known fact is thatlithium-ionbattery packs are essential to the adequate effectiveness of e-bikes, electric bikes, and mountain bike. It is also important to note that producing its battery, as well as, the technology involvedisscrupulously accurate.There is a swift evolution of battery technology thereby making it a herculean task, knowing the best battery to pick from.

With umpteen years of expertise and experience in the lithium battery pack business, as well as, the edge of Battery Management System, we are consigned to bethe apex li-ion battery pack supplier. At TLH BATTERY, we manufacture and design tested and trusted lithium batteries that function for electric bicycles, e-bikes, and electric scooters.

Every single e-bike battery is coupled with a 20A+ continuous discharge current and a 40A+ peak discharge current. Furthermore, you are permitted to design your own product. Incidents such as short circuit, over-heat, over-charge, excessive current and excessive discharge on our e-bikes can be avoided using our in-built BMS.

With our R&D team having over ten years of experience in battery management system design of both hardware and software, we are experts at what we do. Up until now, you will get the battery pack solution with complete thin housing.

You will get the service from TLH Battery as below:

  1. Battery casing 3D, battery mold design, and model opening.
  2. BMS design. In a situation where you have no particular requirement, we would provide you with the normal BMS as you require. In addition, we possess the expertise in smart BMS design which comprises CANBUS, UART, and SMBUS protocol. We can provide you with either of these current protocols stated above. Where needed, you only need to provide your protocol thereby making us customize it for you.
  3. In conclusion, we can provide you with a single all-encompassing battery solution. This can include steps on making the battery light and how to weld the wire thereby resulting in less resistance e.t.c.

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