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How to improve the safety and service life of lithium-ion batteries and lithium batteries

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How to improve the safety and service life of lithium-ion batteries and lithium batteries? In the process of using lithium-ion batteries, there is a problem that often plagues our consumers, that is the safety of lithium-ion batteries. If the safety of our lithium-ion batteries is unreliable, we cannot use them with confidence, depending on the use environment. Adjust the lithium-ion battery usage strategy in time to ensure the safety of the lithium-ion battery on the one hand, and to ensure the performance and service life of the lithium-ion battery on the other hand.

How to improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries and lithium batteries?

1. The solution of the negative electrode material

The large particle size and ultra-fine powder are completely separated from the required particle size to prevent the occurrence of negative reactions due to excessive violent local electrochemical reactions, and improve the safety of lithium batteries.

How to improve the safety and service life of lithium-ion batteries and lithium batteries

Improve the surface porosity of the material, which can increase the capacity by more than 10%. At the same time, the safety is greatly improved when the C/A ratio remains unchanged. The result of the solution makes the surface of the negative electrode material and the electrolyte have better compatibility , To promote the formation and stability of SEI film.

2. Control of pulping process

The pulping process adopts advanced technological methods and special chemical reagents to minimize the surface tension between the various groups of government slurry. The compatibility between the groups is improved, and the phenomenon of “agglomeration” of materials in the mixing process is prevented.

When coating, the gap between the base material and the nozzle should be controlled below 0.2mm, so that the surface of the coated plate is smooth without particles, dents, scratches and other defects.

The slurry should be stored for more than 6 hours, the viscosity of the slurry remains stable, and there is no self-aggregation inside the slurry. The average slurry ensures the even distribution of the positive and negative electrodes on the substrate, thereby improving the consistency and safety of the lithium battery cell.

3. Adopt advanced pole piece manufacturing equipment

It can ensure the stability and consistency of the pole piece quality, greatly improve the uniformity of the cell pole piece, and reduce the probability of unsafe lithium cells.

The density error on the single plate of the coating machine should be less than ±2%, and the error of the length and gap size of the plate should be less than 2mm.

The taper and radial runout of the roller shaft of the roller press should not be greater than 4μm, so as to ensure the consistency of the plate thickness. The equipment should be equipped with a complete dust collection system to prevent micro-short circuit inside the battery cell caused by floating dust particles, thereby ensuring the self-discharge performance of the lithium battery cell.

How to improve the service life of lithium-ion battery lithium batteries?

●Anti-internal short circuit design

Internal short circuit is a serious problem that affects the safety of lithium ion batteries. The internal short circuit of lithium ion batteries caused by lithium dendrites, excess materials, etc., often causes serious safety problems. In order to solve the internal short circuit accident caused by the growth of lithium dendrites, a variety of methods have been designed to monitor the growth of lithium dendrites inside the lithium ion battery.

●Intelligent self-healing

With the popularity of lithium-ion batteries, opportunities for various injuries faced by lithium-ion batteries are constantly increasing. If lithium-ion batteries can achieve self-repairing functions like living organisms, this is about extending the service life of lithium-ion batteries. Reducing the safety risks of lithium-ion batteries is of great importance.

●Lithium-ion battery protection board

The function of the lithium-ion battery protection board is important to protect the cells of the rechargeable battery, maintain the safety and stability of the battery during the charging and discharging process, and play an important role in the performance of the entire battery circuit system.

Lithium-ion battery manufacturers should improve the safety of lithium-ion battery cells through continuous improvement of processes and technologies. bMS system manufacturers should fully understand the performance of the battery and design a safe and reliable battery system based on the safety design principles of power lithium batteries. The use of is the ultimate barrier to ensure battery safety.

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