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How to choose lithium battery pack for lawn mover

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Lithtech 51.8V495Ah lawn mower lithium battery pack is used in large farms and garden lawn mowers.

Conventional gasoline lawn mowers are noisy and vibrating. On the contrary, lawn mowers equipped with lithium battery packs have low noise, stable operation, energy saving and environmental protection, and low price.

Gasoline mowers are difficult to maintain a constant speed under load, and the vibration is large; while lithium battery mowers have a constant speed control function, which can maintain a constant speed under load. In terms of noise, the noise of a lithium battery mower is 1/10 of that of a gasoline mower, and the noise is much smaller. The lithium battery pack of the lawn mower is more convenient to use and easier to maintain. Turn on the battery pack to start using it. And the lithium battery pack does not need too much maintenance, just charge the lithium battery pack regularly. But gasoline tools, engine parts need regular maintenance, such as engine oil, air filters, spark plugs, fuel plugs, and regular lubrication.

Lithtech 51.8V496Ah lawn mower lithium battery pack also has leading technology in battery charging technology and battery protection function. Using balanced cooling and charging technology, fast charging while cooling, thus greatly reducing the time required for charging. At the same time, the professional charger can effectively extend the battery life. Finally, the battery has protection functions such as over-discharge protection, over-load protection, over-heat protection, and over-charge protection, which can better reduce damage to the battery and extend the battery’s service life. Lithtech 51.8V495Ah lawn mower lithium battery pack also comes with a maintenance window to prepare for unexpected needs.

Combination Method 14Series 9Parallel
Rating Voltage 51.8V
Rating Capacity 495Ah Discharge Capacity : 0.5C≥95%
Impedance ≤mΩ
Max. Charge Voltage 58.5V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 39.2V
Charge Current 190A
Discharging Current 120A SOC30%~100%
Weight ≤155kg
Dimension L790*W566*H320mm
Operating Temperature Charging 0~55℃
Discharging -20~60℃

How to choose lithium battery pack for lawn mover



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