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How to choose a RV lithium battery?

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Lithium batteries for motorhomes are very convenient, but are large lithium batteries really that good? Let’s discuss this issue with us next.

1. The necessity of lithium batteries for RVs

The biggest problem for RV travel is still water and electricity. The problem of water is relatively easy to deal with. Finding water is not so troublesome. The more troublesome thing is the supplement of electricity. Some people say that when traveling in RVs, don’t they have portable generators that have electricity at all times? One of the more troublesome aspects of generators is noise. It’s okay to use generators during the day. At night, if you still use generators for power, your accompanying riders will leave you. Of course, if you are a motorhome alone, it doesn’t matter how you want to use the generator. Only annoyed myself because of the noise. In addition, it is more troublesome to use a generator. Every time you use it, you have to put it up and down, you need to wire it, and you have to stay a little farther to reduce the noise. If the motorhome is equipped with a certain amount of lithium batteries, it will be much better. There is almost no sound when the lithium battery is combined with the inverter, which is the same as the feeling at home.

How to choose a RV lithium battery?

2. What capacity lithium battery is more suitable for the RV?

The battery with a large capacity depends on the total power consumption of the RV. Generally, RVs have electric rice cookers, electric water heaters (boiling water), lights, TVs, audio equipment, etc. Some RVs also have air conditioning. Generally, the battery capacity of a motorhome without air-conditioning is recommended to be 400ah. For a motorhome with air-conditioning, it is recommended that the battery capacity is not less than 400ah. Generally, 600ah-800ah is better. The above battery capacity is for the battery pack voltage of 12V.

3. Selection and identification of RV lithium battery

Lithium batteries that we often talk about include ternary lithium batteries and lithium phosphate batteries. The advantages of ternary lithium batteries are that they have high power density and the energy release effect is better than lithium iron phosphate. However, ternary lithium batteries have two problems, one is power attenuation. Soon, it will drop by 30%-50% in about three years. This is the type of cell phone battery we use. In about three years, the cell phone battery will have to be replaced, otherwise the cell phone will not last for a day in daily operation. Second, the safety of ternary lithium batteries is not as good as lithium iron phosphate batteries. Under collision, external force, puncture, relatively speaking, ternary lithium battery is easy to catch fire and explode.

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