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How to choose a RV battery

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Two of the most important and complex parts of the RV top is undoubtedly the hydropower system. Let’s talk about how to choose a motorhome battery.


There are two main types of batteries currently on the market: lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Advantages of lead-acid batteries: safe and cheap; Disadvantages: small power storage, heavy weight, can not be deeply discharged, relatively short life. Advantages of lithium batteries: large power storage, light weight, deep discharge, relatively long life; disadvantages: safety is worth paying attention to, and the price is high.


The power charging system on the RV: external mains, generator, and solar power. Advantages of external mains: no noise, basically unlimited power usage; Disadvantages: it is not easy to find a place to connect to electricity when going out. Advantages of generators: Basically unlimited electricity use at any time, oil is enough; Disadvantages: louder noise. Advantages of solar power generation: no noise, and the sun can generate electricity; disadvantages: low power generation efficiency, only enough for lighting or mobile phone charging.


Electricity consumption estimation: Let’s take the air conditioner that everyone is most concerned about and the single most powerful as an example. If you want to turn on the air conditioner for 10 hours in summer, you need energy: 800W×10h=8kW·h (8 kWh of electricity), based on the formula: Power ×Use time = power consumption. 12V100AH ​​battery = 1.2 kWh of electricity, 48V100AH ​​battery = 4.8 kWh of electricity.

How to choose a RV battery

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