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How much do you know about the performance and characteristics of energy storage lithium batteries?

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Modern society is inseparable from electronic products ranging from mobile phones to communication base stations. So how much do you know about the performance and characteristics of energy storage lithium batteries? Let’s follow Tuopai New Energy to find out.


(1) The net weight of the same volume is about one-fifth to one-sixth of the lead-acid battery.

(2) Most of the production does not consume water, so it is very beneficial to people who are short of water.

(3) High additional voltage. (single standard voltage) is basically equivalent to the series voltage of three nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydrogen secondary batteries, which is easy to form a battery pack

(4) Green and ecological environmental protection, even if it is manufactured, applied or processed, it does not contain or cause harmful heavy metal elements and chemical substances such as lead and cadmium
(5) Lithium batteries are usually chosen for automobiles because of their large energy, long cycle life and no memory. There are two key charging methods for automotive lithium-ion batteries: random charging and full cycle charging

(6) High energy density. The high energy storage density reaches 460~600whkg, which is about 6~7 times that of lead-acid batteries. long lasting. The service life is more than six years. The lithium iron phosphate battery is used as the negative electrode to charge and discharge the battery. The service time record can be used for 10,000 hours

(7) Low self-discharge rate is the advantage of the battery. At this stage, generally 1% per month, much lower than 25% NiCd and 30% Ni and MH, the decline rate of continuous charge and discharge batteries is slower, and the charge and discharge rate is lower than that of single pulse batteries. Since the promulgation of the “Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan”, government subsidies, tax relief and other measures have driven the rapid development of my country’s new energy vehicle industry chain. In addition, considering the rational layout of the entire industrial chain and the raw material advantages of the power lithium battery industry, the new energy vehicle market has always been at the forefront of the world

(8) From upstream raw materials to downstream rechargeable batteries, how many lead-acid batteries have not been beaten before domestic listed companies’ lithium batteries? In recent years, in addition to traditional digital technologies, lithium-ion has also occupied industries such as new energy vehicles. Decommissioned lithium-ion batteries are stealing the birthday cake from the lead-acid battery market. High and low temperature applicability, can be used in the range of -20℃-60℃ and -45℃.

(9) The positive electrode materials of lithium batteries include lithium cobalt, lithium manganese, lithium nickel, ternary materials, lithium iron phosphate, and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The full name of lithium iron phosphate batteries is lithium iron phosphate lithium ion batteries, referred to as lithium iron phosphate batteries. Therefore, the thinner the battery, the lower the production cost of the polymer and the higher the production cost of the liquid. The lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion battery for pure electric vehicles has good carrying capacity and can reach the charge and discharge capacity of 15-30c battery

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