How long is the life of solar street light lithium-ion battery

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Generally speaking, the service life of lithium-ion batteries for solar street lights is about 5-8 years, and the shortest ones can reach more than 5 years. Regarding the service life of lead-acid batteries of about 3 years, it is very cost-effective to use lithium-ion batteries for solar street lights. of. Usually, after five years of use of solar batteries, due to the attenuation of capacity, the daily turn-off time of solar street lamps will be advanced and the lighting time in rainy days will be reduced. These are normal phenomena. For solar street lights, the most important components are battery panels and batteries, so the service life of lithium-ion batteries directly affects the service life of the entire street light.


When purchasing solar street lights, it is recommended that the configuration of the lithium-ion battery should be reasonable, not a small horse-drawn cart. The life of the lithium-ion battery is its cycle discharge life. Assuming that the capacity of the lithium-ion battery is only enough for the daily discharge, the battery is easily damaged. If the capacity of the lithium-ion battery is several times the daily discharge, it means that there is only one cycle in a few days, which greatly prolongs the life of the lithium-ion battery. It has a long service life and can guarantee longer lighting time in rainy days.

Routine maintenance will also affect the service life of solar street lights. In the early stage of installation, it is necessary to strictly follow the construction standards, reasonably match the configuration of lithium-ion batteries, and increase the capacity of lithium-ion batteries; pay attention to waterproofing to prevent lithium-ion batteries from being soaked in long-term. Water; prevent the lithium-ion battery from hanging on the solar street light pole, because the direct sunlight temperature in summer is too high, and the temperature in winter is too low, which will shorten the service life of the lithium-ion battery of the solar street light.

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