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Features of Deep Cycle UPS Batteries

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1. Unique deep cycle design, thick plate and high-density active material, have longer life in deep cycle applications;

123 Lead-acid batteries are widely used in ships Solar Battery Storage

2. Good deep discharge recovery performance;
3. Large capacity and high specific energy;
4. Small self-discharge (battery voltage will drop very slowly when stored at high temperature, and the internal resistance of UPS battery is low);
5. Good consistency (great for solar and UPS use).
The deep cycle UPS battery has small self-discharge, good deep discharge performance, strong charging acceptance, small potential difference between upper and lower, and large capacity. Significant improvements have been made in low temperature start-up capability, charge retention capability, electrolyte retention capability, cycle durability, vibration resistance, and temperature change resistance. It can be stored for 2 years at room temperature of 20°C and can be put into operation without charging.

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