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Eos plans to deploy a 1MW / 4MWh zinc battery energy storage system for a large oil refinery in Greece

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China Energy Storage Network News: According to foreign media reports, US energy storage technology provider Eos Energy Storage has announced that it will deploy a megawatt-level user-side zinc battery energy storage system for a large oil refinery in Greece. The company claims that the project will verify the safety and environmental benefits of this new energy storage system.

The Corinthian refinery in Athens, Greece is one of the largest industrial parks in Europe. The plant owner Motor Oil signed a contract with Eos, headquartered in New Jersey, USA, through its local subsidiary Motor Oil Hellas. Eos will plan, design and commission a 1MW / 4MWh battery energy storage system for the refinery.

Eos’s Znyth battery exhibited at the Solar International Exhibition 2018

The battery brand produced by Eos is Znyth. This zinc hybrid cathode battery is mainly composed of a bipolar electrode, an injection molded plastic frame and a zinc halide electrolyte. The company claims that its battery components are rich in raw materials and can be completely recycled.

EOS said that with the implementation of many pilot projects and demonstrations, the company has signed a cooperation agreement with American utility manufacturer Duke Energy and deployed a 40MWh in the service area of California utility manufacturer Southern California Edison in 2019 Convergent Energy + Power energy storage project. EOS claims that its zinc hybrid cathode battery energy storage system costs $ 160 / kWh. In addition, Eos and Holtec International jointly invested in the establishment of a joint venture HI-POWER company.

According to reports, the continuous discharge time of this energy storage system is 3 to 6 hours, and the inverter provider Ingeteam will provide its INGECON B series inverter and Miniskid MV solution and the INGECON EMS factory controller to build an integrated AC coupled system.

Maria Maria, director of energy storage business development at Ingeteam, said that reaching a partnership with Eos and Motor Oil will be a milestone in the field of long-term energy storage.

Maria said: “Until recently, the main functions of most energy storage systems were based on grid-supported power services designed to meet specific grid needs. And we have cooperated with Motor Oil’s refinery and Eos to mark a long time Energy storage systems will enter new applications. “

He said that the energy storage system helps reduce peak demand, improve power quality in refineries and reduce costs. The zinc hybrid cathode battery developed by Eos is more suitable for on-site deployment than lithium-ion batteries, because this battery does not need to be equipped with cooling facilities or control facilities under local high-temperature climate conditions, and can achieve 100% charge and discharge cycles. Degradation; In addition, it has a working life of more than 15 years.

Vassilis Viziryiannakis, head of the electric business of Motor Oil Hellas, said, “Compared with lithium-ion batteries, Eos ’s zinc hybrid cathode battery is a more competitive and attractive energy storage technology and will be able to be used in large-scale battery storage systems deployment more opportunities “author: Bo Xun source: China Energy storage network。

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