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Do you know what types of lithium battery packs are available for cleaning equipment? What are the characteristics?

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Common classifications include cleaning equipment types: vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners, water absorbers, dry fans, floor scrubbers, sweepers, sweepers, snow blowers, high pressure cleaners, electric dust carts, ultra-high pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, etc.
Special cleaning machineDry ice cleaning machineSteam cleaning machineLaser cleaning machineUltrasonic cleaning machinePipe cleaning machineFume exhaust and dust reduction equipment
The washing machines, sweeping machines and washing machines that we see in supermarkets or large places all day belong to the category of lithium battery packs for cleaning equipment.
Intelligent Sweeper Lithium Battery Manufacturer
The battery used by the sweeping robot is a small PACK product made of lithium batteries or lithium batteries. It can be produced by assembling equipment with lithium batteries. The following describes the detailed equipment introduction!

Equipment lithium battery pack
New energy is becoming more and more popular, and many bosses have turned to invest in the new energy industry. No, many friends want to complete the production line of lithium batteries, so they need to know what equipment is needed to open a lithium battery assembly plant. Don’t worry, let’s share the lithium battery assembly and production pack equipment for you!
1. Cell testing equipment
The first step is to detect the battery cells. It is necessary to detect the capacity, magnification, cycle times, and whether the battery cells meet the requirements of use. Then the required equipment is a capacity detector that can detect these. Battery capacity detectors are not very expensive and have different channels.
2. Cell pairing equipment
Through the previous step, the cells were preliminarily screened. Then what is needed is the pairing of cells, to maintain the consistency of the internal resistance and voltage of the battery, and a lithium battery sorting machine is needed.
The lithium battery sorting machine is a testing and sorting equipment for the internal resistance, voltage and other parameters of cylindrical batteries. The sorting of the equipment is precisely controlled by a servo motor. core, which greatly improves the stability of test data and test data. The operating system adopts the windows host computer operating system independently developed by our company, which can query and count historical test data for easy traceability. According to different needs, we have different types of battery sorting machines to choose from, and we can also customize solutions according to your own specific requirements. For example: 6-channel battery automatic sorting machine, 10-channel battery automatic sorting machine, 20-channel battery automatic sorting machine, / general battery sorting machine and so on.
3. Lithium battery paste barley paper machine
This step needs to use the battery to automatically paste the highland barley paper machine. Some bosses may ask why the lithium battery is pasted with highland barley paper? In fact, highland barley paper is very important in electronic products. Paste highland barley paper on the positive electrode of the battery to prevent the positive electrode from colliding with the positive electrode, resulting in a short circuit or dust entering the gap. Highland barley paper has good insulation, water resistance and abrasion resistance.
4. Lithium battery spot welding machine
The lithium battery spot welding machine is to assemble a single cell into a battery pack by spot welding a nickel sheet.
5. Finished product comprehensive tester
The finished battery requires production inspection, so a finished product comprehensive tester is used.
6. Finished product aging test
This requires the use of battery aging cabinets and battery aging instruments.

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