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Can the golf cart battery be deeply discharged for a long time?

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In the application of golf cart batteries, deep charge and discharge should be minimized, and shallow discharge and frequent charge should be ensured. The prerequisite is that a matching charger and charging head are paired with it. In order to avoid excessively high battery charging working voltage, the battery should be reduced as much as possible Temperature, to ensure excellent heat pipe heat dissipation, to avoid battery charging after extreme heat exposure, and to eliminate heat sources. The key to battery charging under ultra-low temperature standards is the problem of poor battery charging acceptance and insufficient battery charging. It is stipulated to increase the battery charging working voltage and increase Battery charging time, the key to improve the ultra-low temperature characteristics is to start with the negative stage. In ultra-low temperature applications, heat insulation and cold protection measures should be adopted. It is very important that the battery should be placed in a warm natural environment when charging, which is beneficial to ensure sufficient electricity and avoid irreversible hydrochloric acid. , Increase the battery life. During the storage and application period of the battery, active battery charging can be carried out on time, that is, balanced battery charging, which is very beneficial to avoid irreversible potassium thiocyanate of the battery, and is good for the service life of the battery, and it is worth promoting.

Can the golf cart battery be deeply discharged for a long time?

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