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Are You Getting The Most Power And Performance From Your Battery?

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Are You Getting The Most Power And Performance From Your Battery?

Trying to find a battery for your recreational vehicle or truck? Don’t settle for a solution that seems right at first but then fails to deliver the power you need. Large applications, like RVs and trucks with APUs, carry big performance demands. While the traditional, inexpensive lead acid battery may seem like the right choice at first, a lithium-ion battery provides more power for a longer period, making it the better investment.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a lithium battery for your application:

Capacity And Efficiency

Capacity is the raw power your battery holds between charges. Large applications, such as air conditioners, heaters, job-site lights and other components, need to perform for long periods of time between charge sessions. A lithium battery is the most efficient solution because it delivers more power at a sustained voltage when compared to lead acid batteries.

Lithium also provides power under pressure. Lithium batteries have a life span twice as long as lead acid batteries at high discharge rates and are much more temperature tolerant. High temperatures reduce an average lead acid battery’s life span by 50%, while most lithium solutions are able to withstand the same spike with zero longevity loss. Conversely, cold weather reduces lead acid’s capacity by 40% at zero degrees Fahrenheit, while lithium suffers only a 10% loss at the same temperature.

Lithium also gives you much more power per cubic inch and per pound than lead acid, one of the many reasons the lithium-ion battery dominates. For instance, a 32-pound lithium-ion battery provides almost twice as much capacity during high-rate discharges as a lead acid counterpart weighing 68 pounds.


Lithium batteries are capable of reaching 5,000 cycles (full charges and discharges), while lead acid batteries often can’t reach 400 cycles. That means lead acid solutions need to be replaced much more frequently, interrupting usage and ultimately racking up greater expenses from downtime and labor.

LiFePO4 batteries boast the most impressive life span: up to ten years, on average. While its capacity is typically lower than other lithium formulations, the LiFePO4 battery’s energy density does not decline during its lifetime, making it a smart investment.

Lead acid battery performance suffers as charge approaches depletion, with serious adverse effects from heat occurring at a 60% discharge. Conversely, lithium maintains performance right up until depletion with no significant increase in heat, providing a greater life span and more power per cycle.

Charge Rate

Lithium batteries charge faster than lead acid counterparts. Due to the lack of resistance compared to lead acid, lithium charges 30-50% faster. Alternators, chargers and any electrical devices powered by lithium operate more efficiently due to a higher and sustained voltage.

Investing in a lithium battery offers safety, a higher level of performance and greater cost savings. No matter which power solution you choose, thoroughly review your application’s specifications so you’re able to find the best battery for your needs.

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