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Application of lithium battery in lighting

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Solar street lights use clean energy and use battery panels to convert solar energy into light energy to provide lighting services. It is widely used in both urban and rural areas in my country. Not only street lights, but also garden lights, etc., all use solar power. The lithium battery of the solar street lamp stores the electric energy of the solar panel, which can be used for lighting at night. 

As we all know, lithium batteries are widely used in today’s society and are an advanced battery type. Lithium iron phosphate energy storage batteries are mainly used for solar light lithium batteries. So, do energy-saving and clean solar lights use lithium iron phosphate batteries?

Application of lithium battery in lighting

In fact, there are also lead-acid batteries in use at the same time. Compared with lithium iron phosphate battery, its disadvantages are:

1. Low energy density

The same is 48v12Ah, the lead-acid battery is only 33Wh, while the solar street lamp lithium battery can reach 125Wh

2. Service life

The lead-acid battery has 60% capacity when it is cycled 300 times, while the lithium iron phosphate battery still has 80% capacity when it is cycled 1500 times.

3. Not environmentally friendly

Lead-acid batteries will produce pollution, and lithium batteries are recognized as environmentally friendly batteries.

Since there are so many shortcomings, why are lead-acid batteries still in widespread use? Mainly because of its mature product, low price and convenient maintenance. So it is still the mainstream of the market.

However, with the restrictions of the national industrial policy, the market share is declining. The market share of solar light lithium batteries is gradually increasing, and the prospects are broad.

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