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Application of Lithium Batteries in Electric Ships

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With the improvement of ship emission standards, the application of new green energy in ships has gradually expanded. Lithium batteries have gradually become the focus of attention due to their relatively low price, high energy density and easy maintenance.

The application of new energy lithium batteries in electric ships In most cases, the ship’s electric propulsion system is powered by an internal combustion engine driven generator set. Due to the complex and changeable marine environment, the load is changing. When the load deviates from the optimal load point, the fuel oil will not be fully burned, the utilization rate of the fuel oil will be greatly reduced, and a large amount of nitrogen oxides and sulfur will be produced. Oxides cause pollution to the environment. Lithium battery energy storage technology is one of the solutions to this problem.

This is beneficial from both an economic and an environmental perspective. In addition, with the development of large-capacity lithium battery and supercapacitor technology, the price of energy storage devices will inevitably decline. The application prospect of energy storage unit in marine electric propulsion system is worth looking forward to.

Lithium batteries are widely used, and the era of ship electrification is coming. Ship emissions pollution is relatively serious. On the one hand, electrification solves the pollution problem, and at the same time, it has higher economy. Ship electrification is the general trend. It is estimated that in 2025, the demand for lithium batteries brought by electrification will exceed 6.27Gwh. my country’s control of pollution emissions from ships is becoming more and more strict. Previously, the main focus was on controlling fuel quality. Compared with automobiles, the emission control level and fuel quality of marine engines are relatively low, and improving fuel quality is the main means to control emissions before. The development of green ships is the general trend, and electric ships are the long-term solution. Electric boat demand for lithium batteries:

1. The use of electric boats focuses on short-distance transport vehicles, sightseeing boats, ferries, etc. in inland rivers and inland lakes;

2. The electrification of ships within 2,000 tons is relatively simple, while the electrification of large tonnages is difficult. Generally, large-tonnage ships are used for long-distance transportation, while small-tonnage ships are used for short-distance transportation;

3. Scenarios such as ocean transportation, coastal and inter-provincial transportation are not suitable for electrification;

4. There are many classifications and application scenarios of ships in Neihu and Neihu. We estimate that only 60% of them can be electrified. As high-power pure electric versions become more and more feasible, the use of electric ships will be further expanded. Based on safety and economy, lithium batteries are suitable for electric ships in my country. Power batteries and BMS battery management systems have developed rapidly in recent years. Many marine lithium battery manufacturers’ power battery products have passed experimental tests and obtained the China Classification Society. And the system discharge rate reaches 20C, and the ship’s power controllability is good. Under the dual role of environmental protection and economy, the demand for the introduction of electric ships has been increasing. According to market estimates, the demand for lithium batteries brought about by the electrification of ships in my country is expected to enter a period of rapid growth from this year, and is expected to increase from 1.14Gwh in the previous year to 6.27Gwh in 2025.

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