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3 Tips To Extend Lithium-Ion Battery Life

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When you invest in lithium-ion batteries, you’re investing in a battery with life spans that exceed those of lead-acid batteries tenfold. You want your battery life to extend as long as possible to get the highest return on your investment in lithium. Thankfully, there are a few measures that ensure you get the longest battery life for your rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Discover our top three tips to extending the life of your lithium-ion battery.

Charge Your Lithium-Ion Battery The Right Way

One key benefit lithium-ion offers is rapid recharge, but to get the most out of your battery, make sure you’re charging it the right way. Optimum 12V battery lifespan is ensured by charging at the proper voltage. 14.6 V is the best practice charging voltage while ensuring amperage is within the specifications of each battery pack. Most AGM chargers available charge between 14.4V-14.8V, which is acceptable.

Store With Care

With any piece of equipment, proper storage has an important impact on the lifetime of the battery. Avoiding extreme temperatures is vital to your battery’s life. When you’re storing your lithium-ion battery, do your best to adhere to the recommended storage temperature: 20 °C (68 °F). Careless storage leads to damaged parts and shorter battery life.

When you’re not using your lithium-ion battery, store it in a dry place at about 50 percent depth of discharge (DOD) of the amount of energy your battery has used – or approximately 13.2V.

Don’t Ignore Depth Of Discharge

Before charging your battery, you may be tempted to let the unit expend all of its energy. But, in reality, it’s far better for your lithium-ion battery to avoid a deep DOD in order to preserve its longevity. By limiting your DOD to 80 percent (12.6 OCV), you’re extending the cycle of life.

When you’re making an investment in lithium-ion over lead-acid, it’s important to maintain the health of your battery through diligent care. Taking these actions to protect your battery not only gives you more energy for your money but also keeps your applications running longer on greener power.


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