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3 Reasons You Should Invest In Lithium-Ion Backup Power

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3 Reasons You Should Invest In Lithium-Ion Backup Power

As a business owner, you need to account and plan for as many eventualities as possible. Have you planned for the future and considered implementing a backup power solution yet?

If not, you should. A power outage could disrupt your operations, destroy valuable data and, ultimately, tank your bottom line.

Here are three reasons you should consider installing a lithium-ion-based backup power solution in your business:

1) Backup Power Isn’t An Accessory – It’s A Necessity

Here’s a harsh truth: You can’t afford to skimp on backup power. Large-scale power outages could cost your business thousands – or hundreds of thousands – of dollars. A few hours of downtime could devastate your productivity or erase vital data and information.

A single large-scale power outage can cost the nation, as a whole, billions of dollars. While massive grid failures are rare, extreme weather or other unforeseen events might strike at any time. A robust backup power system that includes quality switchgears and an uninterrupted power supply is critical.

2) Lithium-ion Is More Reliable

A proper backup power solution should always be reliable. In the realm of reliability, the lithium-ion battery is king.

A lithium-ion battery is able to deep cycle without performance loss and requires no maintenance. If it needs to provide loads of emergency power for extended periods of time, even to the point where it runs low, capacity and rate of discharge won’t suffer. That makes lithium-ion the best possible choice for an uninterrupted power supply, your primary backup power source during an emergency.

Because a lead acid battery needs to be maintained, it poses a higher risk to your electrical systems in an emergency situation. If an emergency knocks out your power, the last thing you want is a dry battery causing switchgear failure that renders your entire backup system useless.

3) Lithium-ion Is More Cost-Effective

Although a lithium battery costs more than a lead acid battery, its superior life span makes it much more cost-effective overall. You’re likely to go through five to ten lead acid batteries during a single lithium-ion battery’s life span.

A lithium-ion battery is also lighter than a lead acid battery, as well as more energy dense. That means your backup power system takes up less space, a critical consideration if you need to safeguard a large facility, like a factory or data center.

If you’re thinking about installing a lithium backup power supply, make sure you work with experts capable of assessing your business in detail and who deliver the most custom, cost-effective solution possible.

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