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3 Questions To Ask Before Partnering With A Battery Service Provider

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3 Questions To Ask Before Partnering With A Battery Service Provider

Picking the wrong lithium battery distributor costs you dearly, from receiving faulty products to a frustrating troubleshooting process when installing. Problems with second-rate distributors may not seem obvious at the time of your initial purchase, but weak warranties and slow customer service eventually result in a significant waste of your money and time. Finding the right provider creates a long-term partnership that provides the products and reliable service you need.

Choosing a quality lithium battery service providerinvolves more than product selection and price. Here are three questions you must ask to protect your current equipment or vehicle investment and future performance:

Does The Lithium Battery Distributor Have Diversified Application Knowledge?

Lithium batteries have varied applications, including solar power storage, emergency power, marine, vehicles for powersports, golf or RV. There are numerous lithium battery options available for each of these applications, including custom battery packs offering precision fit and function.

A qualified battery service provider has knowledge and expertise on this range of applications. Ask about the industries the provider services. A broad scope of knowledge ensures they have the right solutions for your situation, even if your battery needs change.

Do They Offer Expert Engineering Support?

Executing a lithium battery conversion comes with potential risks. Don’t gamble with delays, downtime or even damage to your valuable systems by attempting this transition without expert support. Here are three qualities to look for:

  • Technically knowledgeable staff: Find a provider that has experience with the lithium battery conversion process.
  • Ongoing support: After the installation of your new battery, does the distributor provide additional support for continued safe, effective operation?
  • Satisfied references: Request examples from providers of past clients who had a challenging installation or ongoing operation issues, and ask how these issues were resolved.

Do They Provide Prompt Responses And Expedient Solutions?

Lithium batteries are often used in critical situations: backup power in case of service failures or instability, operating personal mobility equipment or starting emergency vehicles. In these instances, interruptions in power are dangerous.

If your power source is failing, it is critical that your lithium battery distributor responds quickly with effective solutions. Pay attention to how providers respond to you even before you become their customer. How quickly do you get answers to your inquiries, and are the responses valuable?

Support of your battery and its application should not end after your purchase ships. Choose a battery service provider with both excellent customer service and solutions that extend to the end of your battery’s life. Be sure to ask about a potential provider’s warranty, return policy and replacement process in order to protect your investment. A qualified lithium battery distributor should also offer recycling services at the end of a battery’s life cycle.

The questions above are important to keep in mind when researching the quality of a lithium battery distributor. Don’t stop searching until you find a provider that meets your product, service and ongoing support needs.

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