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17,500-ton chemical tanker applies high-power lithium-ion battery energy storage system

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The 17,500-ton chemical tanker was jointly designed by Port Shipping Company and a well-known European design company. It has a total length of 156.50 meters, a moulded width of 23.80 meters, a moulded depth of 13.80 meters, a structural draft of 9.50 meters, a design speed of 15 knots, and is classified as DNVGL. The ship integrates a number of international and domestic latest technologies, and is at the world’s leading level in many aspects such as environmental protection, energy saving, and operational reliability, marking the city’s shipbuilding level has leaped to a new level.

The ship’s unique slender half-V hull line + upright bow can reduce the sailing resistance of the ship, make the ship have a deeper draft under no-load or non-full-load conditions, and have higher propulsion efficiency, effectively reducing the number of ships in Comprehensive fuel consumption under loading conditions; direct-drive permanent magnet low-speed shaft generator, equipped with active front-end low-frequency inverter, improve power factor and generator efficiency, and reduce power system energy consumption; the world’s first application of high-power lithium-ion The battery energy storage system can effectively collect and store surplus power, discharge the power grid when needed, reduce power consumption peaks, and reduce frequent startup of backup generators; one-button operation of the fully automatic “take me home” system can prevent conventional ship main engines Suspension of sailing, delay of sailing period and safety risks after a failure occurs; the flexible coupling uninterrupted shore power operating system is the first in China, which can realize seamless connection with shore power when the ship is in port, and effectively prevent the power failure of conventional ships when switching to shore power. The structure optimization based on accurate finite element calculation reduces the amount of steel used in the cargo tank area and the dead weight of the ship. Compared with other chemical tankers of similar tonnage, the cargo tank capacity is increased by 15%, and the cargo capacity is realized. maximize.

The ship incorporates the concept of green environmental protection design. The main and auxiliary engine systems are equipped with exhaust gas post-treatment devices and selective catalytic reduction reaction equipment, which can chemically reduce carbohydrates in exhaust gas to nitrogen and water, effectively remove harmful substances in exhaust gas, reduce For atmospheric pollution; the stern tube bearing is lubricated by water to eliminate the pollution risk of oil leakage from the stern tube of conventional ships; frequency conversion energy-saving technology is widely used for high-power electrical equipment on board, and the engine room ventilation system and central seawater cooling system can be changed according to the environment. It is required to realize frequency conversion control; the air conditioner return air in the living area uses the runner heat exchange mechanism to adjust the temperature of the fresh air inlet, which greatly reduces the power consumption and running time of the air conditioner compressor unit. The noise of the crew cabin is only 45 decibels, which is far lower than the international standard requirement of 55 decibels, so that the crew truly has a quiet and comfortable “home”.

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