Lithtech TE2000 2.4kWh Solar Battery Storage 48V 50Ah Battery Energy Storage

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  • TE2000
Rated voltage (V) 48
Rated capacity (Ah) 50
Dimensions (W x D x H mm) 442 x 390 x 100
Weight (kg) 24
Discharge voltage (V) 45-54
Communication RS485, CAN
Working temperatures 0 ° C – 50 ° C
Storage temperature -20 ° C – 60 ° C
Certificates TÜV (IEC62619)
Lifespan 10 and more years (25 ° C)
Number of cycles 4000 (80% discharge)


Power – 2.4 kW

Reliable and powerful Lithtech batteries are characterized not only by modern design but also by great functionality. The advantage of LiFePO4 technology is resistance to ignition and thus guarantees maximum safety. Lithtech H48050 high-voltage batteries have an output of 2.4 kWh and a voltage of 48 V, and are particularly suitable for large photovoltaic power plants. These batteries are placed in technological racks. These batteries do not have a BMS (battery management system), so it is necessary to buy a BMS for them, which is also stored in a technological rack. The compact and sophisticated device is easily expandable, allowing the gradual connection of up to 15 batteries. For higher requirements, others of the same capacity can be easily connected. When using multiple battery packs in parallel, the charging current adds up. Lithtech LiFePO4 batteries are compatible with the Goodwe inverter used for large PV plants

These batteries have a warranty of 7 years + another 3 years when registering the battery before the link below. The batteries have a long life, up to 4000 cycles.



Vertical industrial integration ensures more than 4,000 charging cycles with 80% discharge depth

The modular design gives the end customer the choice of capacity

Flexible voltage range from 150 VDC up to 1000 VDC

The three-layer control system provides the highest reliability

A system based on storing batteries in containers or technological racks

 48V 50AH rack
TE2000 battery


Performance specification

Lithtech TE2000.pdf

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