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Introduction of the latest technology of lithium battery?

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The development of electric vehicles is in full swing. As one of the most important parts, the power battery plays a decisive role in the battery life and safety of electric vehicles. Recently, we often hear some terms such as solid-state battery, honeycomb energy jelly battery, NIO car nickel 55 battery, Zhiji car silicon-doped lithium supplement, and CTP/CTC technology. In fact, the fundamental purpose of so many technical directions is to improve the energy density and safety of batteries.
Pathways to improve energy density and safety


Think about a small question first: If a person goes on an expedition to the wild and his backpack is full of food, how can the food supply last longer? One of the easiest ways to think of is to pack the food with the highest calorie and density as possible, such as compressed biscuits, chocolate, etc. The other is to rationally distribute the layout of the bag and pack as much food as possible.
Engineers are racking their brains to increase the energy density of the battery pack, but also use two similar paths: increase the density of cells and increase the density of the system (battery pack). Increasing the density of the cell is equivalent to having higher calories in the food itself; increasing the density of the system is equivalent to having more food in the backpack. Of course, while improving energy density, safety is always the top priority. To improve battery energy density and safety.

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