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Lithtech 3.2V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery 3.2V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell

1.Good safety performance,polymer battery will not cause explosion,structure is safe and reliable.

2.Light weight,easy to transport,save transportation costs.

3.The internal resistance is small, it can be less than 2mΩ,which reduces the self-consumption and prolongs the service life.

4.Lifepo4 battery has a large capacity and can be series and paralell

5. Discharge performance are more stable and the protection circuit design is simpler.

  • 3.2V 100Ah
  • Lithtech
  • 3.2V 100Ah

Advantages Of 3.2 Volt Lifepo4 Rechargeable Prismatic Battery Cell:

Longer battery life – 6000times life cycle , 10 times more than lead acid batteries

Low self-discharge

Free of charge memory

Steady discharge and charge performance.

Outstanding thermal stability

Wide temperature performance

Short circuit protection

Over charge and over discharge protection

Over current protection

Easy carrying and installation – can be carried and installed in any direction

Fast charging – about 4~6 hours to be fully charged

Lighter weight – 1/2~1/4 in weight compared to LA batteries

Require no change to a lead acid battery charging system

Better safety – mild warm, no explosion and firing, free of leakage

Environmentally friendly – no poisonous lead, no acid, no heavy/rare metals,

No gasses during charge, free of leakage and pollution



Our batteries are ideal for

Recreational Vehicles/Solar /Electric Vehicles /Off-grid Storage /Marine industry.

electric cars, model aircraft, electric tools, golf carts, tour coach, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, laptop batteries ,Power tools, Solar power storage, LED flashlight, electric tools, mobile devices, Backup power, etc.
Passenger and commercial plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)
Passenger and commercial battery electric vehicles (BEVs)


Why LiFePO4 Battery?Safety and Eco-Friendly—Li-Phosphate material has much better thermo-resistance capability; it does not explode under extreme conditions. It has complete Eco-Friendly chemistry vs. poisonous Lead Acid and Ni-MH.Performance and Stability—Much higher instantaneous power output than conventional batteries. These battery life-cycles are about 5 years in normal operation.Cost-Effective —Much cost-effective comparing with conventional battery in terms of costs of expensive controller system and professional maintenance tasks. Great Consistency–We match them before delivery.


No. Description/Item Specification Remarks
1. Nominal capacity 100.0Ah 2.5-3.65V50A discharge currentInitial status
2. Minimum capacity 100.0 Ah


50A discharge current

Initial status

3. Operating voltage range 2.50 – 3.65V N.A
4. Initial inner resistance ≤0.35mΩ *InitialStatus*50% SOC
5. Initial SOC ≈40%SOC (40 Ah) N.A.
6. Charge Temperature Range 0 ~ 55℃ Refer to 2.2
7. Discharge Temperature Range -20 ~ 55℃ Refer to 2.3
8 Cycle life >5000+
9. Weight ≤2.25Kg N.A.


3.2v 100ah

3.2V 100Ah4

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