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Does lithium battery have memory effect?

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Everyone has heard that the battery has a memory effect, and its performance will be affected if it is used carelessly. Does lithium battery also have a memory effect? In fact, I can tell you the answer here, so that you can rest assured that lithium batteries have no memory effect!
1. What is the memory effect of the battery

The battery memory effect is worth the fact that if the battery is a nickel-cadmium battery and it is not fully charged and discharged for a long time, it is easy to mark in the battery and reduce the battery capacity. That is to say, everyone felt that the battery used less and less power, and the day was not as good as the day.
2. Does lithium battery have memory effect?

Most of the lithium battery electrolyte sales market is concentrated in the small lithium battery industry. In addition, it is worth noting that most lithium battery electrolyte companies in my country have adopted the strategic direction of "integration of volume and price", which is an unsustainable development trend. In recent years, the global distribution of lithium-ion battery electrolytes has been changing and turbulently adjusted, and this development trend will continue in the next few years. The meaning of the battery memory effect is that the battery seems to remember the user's daily range and pattern of charge and discharge. It is difficult to change this mode over time and can no longer be significantly charged or discharged. Lithium-ion batteries do not have this effect

3. Battery cycle life

The battery charge cycle time represents the charging process of the battery from full to empty and back again. This doesn't mean a single charge. Lithium-ion batteries, for example, use up half their charge in a few days and then fully charge. If it's still the same the next day, i.e. with half a charge, for a total of two charges, it's just one charge cycle, not two, so it may take several rounds to recharge the battery to complete a cycle. After each charge cycle is complete, the battery capacity will decrease slightly. However, for high-quality rechargeable batteries, this reduction is very small after a few cycles. It will still retain 80% of its initial capacity, and many lithium-ion battery-powered products are still in use two to three years later. Of course, the lithium-ion battery must be replaced after a useful battery arrives.

4. Precautions for the use of lithium batteries: After talking about the memory effect of lithium batteries, the following are the precautions for batteries. When riding in rainy and snowy days, the charging and discharging plug between the lithium battery pack and the electric vehicle must not come into contact with water. Turn off the lithium battery power switch when it is not necessary to avoid the adverse effects of a short-circuit fault. Minimize the use of bottle carts in extreme natural environments. Be careful with lithium-ion batteries. The rechargeable battery should be placed away from water, fire, and kept dry to prevent obvious vibration, collision and short-circuit failure. In summer, rechargeable batteries should be protected from direct solar radiation. In particular, there is no need to disassemble, replace or destroy rechargeable batteries without permission; it is forbidden to use rechargeable batteries on other well-known brands or battery-powered models; prevent short-circuit failure of lithium battery charging ports.

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