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How to Solar Power For Your Home

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How to Solar Power For Your Home


Whether you have an existing solar power system, or are considering installing solar at your home, residential energy storage (batteries) offers a way to unlock the full potential of a solar array. Con Edison Solutions has extensive experience in matching battery storage with solar and can design and install a fully-integrated energy storage solution for residential solar power systems. Solar paired with batteries offers numerous benefits:

1.Power when the sun is not shining.At night or on cloudy days, you are able to draw from the stored energy in the battery and not rely upon drawing electricity from the grid – further reducing your electricity supply cost. The batteries then recharge when your solar array is at peak output.

2.Energy during a power outage. Unfortunately, power outages are not uncommon. To keep the lights on during a blackout, homeowners have had to run generators, which are noisy and require a supply of fuel. A home battery system, paired with solar power, can change that as you are able to quietly draw power from the stored energy.

3.Lower peaks in energy usage. In some areas, peak demand charges may apply to residential customers, now or in the near future. Some utilities are also beginning to implement residential time-of-use rates. Batteries can be used to lower peak demand and they can supply power during high rate periods both of which may save some homeowners money.

Factors Influencing Your Solar Battery Selection

There are many important factors to consider to get the most appropriate solar battery storage system for your home. Your solar power system output, your energy requirements, when your energy use is highest and the possible length of time you might need to draw electricity from the battery system are some of the important factors your solar battery installer must evaluate. Here are just some of the items your energy storage Solutions battery expert will consider when evaluating solar battery options:

Capacity – Simply put, this is the amount of energy a battery can store. Some battery solutions are “stackable” meaning multiple batteries can be tied together to give your storage system extra capacity. Capacity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh)

Power rating – This is a measure of how much electricity a battery can deliver at one time. Depending on how you are using the battery and what you are powering, you may need a large amount of kilowatts (kW) at one time so power rating could be very important.

Battery life – A battery’s ability to hold a charge will gradually decrease as it is continually charged and discharged. Solar-integrated batteries typically come with a warranty that guarantees a certain number of cycles and/or years of useful life.

Residential Energy Storage Solutions To Meet Your Needs

While Con Edison Solutions is an exclusive representative of Tesla storage solutions, we also offer battery systems from other leading manufacturers. we design a battery solution to meet the unique needs of each customer. Battery manufacturers offer different configurations and technologies. For example, some manufacturers include inverters that are incorporated directly into the battery pack. Other batteries include monitoring. And some battery suppliers have even integrated recycled batteries into their storage solutions. We will work with you to understand how you use electricity and what your objectives and budget are, to help ensure that what we recommend is the optimum storage solution for you. It’s another reason why more people who are considering solar for their home rely on the experts at Lithtech Energy Solutions.

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